Leadership Programs for High School Students Offered by NSHSS

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Leadership Programs High School Students

One of the greatest qualities of high-achieving students is that they are often natural leaders amongst their peers. Such students are constantly looking for opportunities to contribute and give back, while growing as students and professionals in their fields.

NSHSS offers leadership programs to facilitate those goals and help our members gain as much experience leading the way as possible. One of the leadership programs is for all high school students (NSHSS Ambassador) and one is for high school seniors about to enter college (NSHSS Student Council). These programs are designed to help NSHSS members gain the skills they need to initiate change in their communities and the world at large through leadership experience and networking.

With the Ambassador and Student Council programs, NSHSS offers opportunities for high-achieving high school students to develop as leaders and ready themselves for a lifetime of service and success.


NSHSS Ambassador Program

If you are a leader within your high school with a strong commitment to community service, the NSHSS Ambassador Program could be the perfect fit for you! NSHSS Ambassadors have the opportunity to inspire their peers to explore new ways of contributing to the community through organizing community service projects and gatherings with other NSHSS members to support the NSHSS’ vision.

Ambassadors help communicate with current and prospective NSHSS members about how they can make the most of their membership through social media and their school’s network. NSHSS Ambassadors receive an exclusive NSHSS Ambassador t-shirt and will get an official welcome kit with a full list of responsibilities, which often include:

  • Organizing local community service projects
  • Starting your high school’s NSHSS Chapter
  • Presenting workshops at National Member Events
  • Networking with fellow NSHSS members and other like-minded peers
  • Utilizing social media to promote scholarships and other opportunities

To qualify, you must be a current NSHSS member in your sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above.

NSHSS members interested in applying for the Spring 2019 Ambassadors program can visit this page for more information. 


NSHSS Student Council Program

If you are a senior in high school NSHSS member interested in helping other members through your own experience with NSHSS, the NSHSS Student Council Program could be perfect for you! NSHSS Student Council is made up of outstanding college students from around the world who provide advice to other students based on their experiences and share information about NSHSS programs, scholarship, and activities throughout the coming year. The Student Council program is a wonderful way for NSHSS members to stay involved with NSHSS through college and demonstrate leadership through their connection with other NSHSS scholars around the world.

Current high school seniors and college NSHSS members are eligible to apply for the Student Council in the member dashboard annually.

NSHSS members interested in applying for the 2019-2020 Student Council can visit this page for more information.

If you are a high school NSHSS member looking for an opportunity to get more involved with NSHSS and practice leadership skills, consider applying for one of these leadership programs. You will have the chance to serve as a role model for other students and network with fellow NSHSS members while simultaneously giving back to the NSHSS community.