My Experience at the Youth Assembly at the UN

Thursday, September 03, 2015
Youth Assembly At The United Nations

My Experience at the Youth Assembly at the United Nations: Enrichment, Innovation, and Development

Enrichment--because I met new people from all over the world and learned new cultures and distinct ways of see the world. Therefore, that shows me that there are a thousand different ways of thinking. Thus, is better to count with them for resolving a problem that for some people can be impossible to solve alone. So, by the simple fact that the human is a social being, mutual cooperation is essential to achieve every goal for a better and sustainable society. Also it was a great influence in my academic and career plans to participate in one of the most important assemblies in the world for youth, with an amazing group of people, lecturers and ambassadors. And thanks to this memorable experience I may be selected for a scholarship in the colleges that I want to go, because…How many youths around the world have this privileged to get involved with this Youth Assembly?

Innovation--because one of the most impactful aspects of the program during the Youth Assembly was the fact that everyone can made an important change in society. And as Dr. Gerard Faris and Madeleine Ramos with the rest of the International Youth Council taught us, to start that great change that you want to achieve, such as entrepreneurship, you must start small. And no matter if you are young or older, it is never late to take leadership and decision by our side and start to work in a strong commitment for creating a better world for everyone. So, we must start small by identify a problem in our society, talking with everyone about the problem to start creating conscience and awareness about it, networking with the affected people and finally, always keeping hope strong. 

Development--because the last week I had personally the privilege to experience that my world expanded in a way in which I never thought that was possible in such a short amount of time. I was at the United Nations headquarters in New York, one of (or even the) most important places on earth, where the most important decision of humankind are taken. And those decisions are so important due to the fact that they not only concern present generations, but future generations. This experience impacts all my person, especially in growing up. This experience gave me more maturity, because when I was standing in the podium at the General Assembly Hall, I realized how many important personalities had been standing there where I was, giving speeches of the maximum importance, devoted to creating a better world for everyone: equal, fair and worthy.  That’s why that part is my favorite one of all the Youth Assembly, because at that point I finally realized that I can being joking around with my friends, or enjoy of having a great experience that will last forever, but the truth about all is that we the youth, especially the ones at the assembly, are going to be the future new leaders of the world. And as the same way that delegates, ambassadors, presidents and every single leader carries on with their responsibilities and duties, we will also do it; but we can choose the way we want to do it, if we want a violent, corrupt and unfair world; or a peaceful, honest and fair world.

Finally, I want to thank to the FDU, FAF, UN and YA team for their outstanding dedication in the organizing of this remarkable event. Also I want to thank to all my friends that I have during all the entire course for being loyal, respectful and friendly since the first day we met. And at the end, but not less important, I want to sincerely thank to my family, because without their support, true delivery, and love, I never would have had the chance to attend the Youth Assembly.

José Lavin Lopez López
Queretaro, Mexico
Colegio Álamos 2016\