Summer Programs for College Students

Thursday, January 19, 2023
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One of the best things college students can do to bolster their resume and take advantage of life's opportunities is to participate in summer programs. Summer programs for college students can help you learn valuable professional and life lessons and open the door to even more amazing opportunities. Many summer sessions, such as study abroad opportunities, take learning outside the classroom and offer a chance for students to take a break, help others, and learn something in the process. 

Here are some fantastic college summer program opportunities. 

UC Berkeley Summer Sessions

Many high school students take advantage of the UC Berkeley Summer Sessions. But, UC Berkeley college students can take advantage of one of their summer programs as well. UC Berkeley’s college summer programs include Freshman Edge, Global Edge, and Dual Degree Programs. 

Freshman Edge is a summer program for newly admitted UC Berkeley freshmen. Students can take courses ahead of other incoming students, learn about the campus, and attend socials and special events. 

Global Edge allows newly admitted freshmen to spend the summer at Berkeley and then spend the fall semester in London. 

Dual Degree programs offer freshman the opportunity to earn two degrees - one from UC Berkeley and one from Sciences Po (France) or The University of Hong Kong - in just four years. 

Each of these programs create an opportunity to engage in a summer program unlike any other. From intense academics to spending the fall lounging in London, you have every opportunity at your fingertips. 

Yale Young Global Scholars 

The Yale Young Global Scholars is a college summer program that serves 2,000 students from over 150 countries. Students will be broken up into academic interest groups such as STEM, social sciences, or humanities. They will then engage in a variety of activities including lectures, seminars, discussions, and complete a capstone project. The residential program offers students a chance to build community with their peers and develop relationships with others around the world. 

YYGS is a one of a kind program and one you don’t want to miss. 

United Planet

United Planet is a Volunteer Abroad and Virtual Volunteer Abroad college student summer program. Students can volunteer in over 20 countries worldwide. As a volunteer, you will learn important life skills, change your world view, accelerate personal growth, and help others. 

Alongside a short term 1-12 week experience, students can also participate in a mid-term 4-16 week program, long term 6+ month program, group volunteer abroad, intern abroad, or virtual internship/volunteering. 

No matter what length of time you want to explore and volunteer, there is an opportunity for you. This college summer program takes you outside the classroom and provides learning in a whole new way. 

Outward Bound Costa Rica

Outward Bound Costa Rica is a fantastic adventure for the active college student. This summer program offers activities like surfing, rafting, repelling, and hiking alongside service projects. Students will travel to Costa Rica and/or Panama, learn to become a leader, meet indigenous communities, and discover new cultures and customs. The college summer program also offers 10-12 academic credits for a gap year or semester abroad experience. 

NSHSS members will earn a $200 exclusive discount. The Outward Bound Costa Rica experience is one of the best hands-on summer programs for college students. 


The National Society of High School Scholars has partnered with each of these summer programs for college students. They ensure that each college summer program aligns with its mission to help scholars achieve success. Whether you are looking to get a head start on earning credits, explore Costa Rica, or rub elbows with Ivy League professors, the NSHSS is there to support you. By providing millions of dollars in scholarships, events, partnerships, programs, and many types of opportunities, NSHSS members find themselves ahead of their peers and prepared for the next chapter. 

Final Thoughts 

The opportunities available for college students are endless. Summer sessions, internships, community service programs, study abroad, or even a gap year can open doors you never thought were possible. 

Learning to build relationships, improve time management skills, and discover new avenues and interests is what the college years are all about. The right college student summer program can truly transform your life and help guide you to make the best decisions for your future. If you are searching for an organization that can help you through this process, check out the NSHSS today.