The Top Fifteen Scholarships for Minorities

Thursday, February 22, 2024

As you transition through the final two years of your high school career, it is crucial to take stock of who you are, what you want out of college, and where you most want to go in your next steps toward education. Part of this college-prep process involves applying for different scholarships. There are many out there, and they can be pretty specific in their considerations. But rather than being negative, it can provide a fantastic opportunity to find the perfect scholarship for who you are. And more specifically, what you want to achieve. 

At NSHSS, we value independence, diversity, and inclusion. We want to see people from all different parts of life find their place in education and the world that awaits them past graduation. For this reason, we have composed a list of the top fifteen scholarships for minorities. These scholarships include a wide range of interests and prospective careers. They include application requirements such as deadlines, fees, and any material you may be asked to submit. They will also include an overview of what is expected if you receive one. So get started to discover the scholarship for minorities that is right for you: 

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program

This scholarship supports high school students who identify as women and pursue an ABET-accredited bachelor's or graduate student program in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology, and fields related to engineering globally. 

Application Fee: Varies

Deadline: December 1st—January 31st 

Amount: $5,000.00

Other Requirements: Completed application, academic transcript, and letter of recommendation 

Women in Health Care Scholarship 

female doctor in white code with stethoscope helps another female patient

This scholarship is for any high school woman interested in medicine, medical science, health care, or human services. It is offered to many women nationwide, regardless of race or ethnicity. The applicant’s commitment to the power of medicine and the fortitude of women's empowerment is the basis for the scholarship. 

Application Fee: No Charge

Deadline: May 1st, 2024

Amount: $500.00

Other Requirements: Completed application, personal essay, and academic transcript

Hopke Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was created to aid and protect those inside the LGBTQIA+ community through financial support to have the resources to succeed in higher education. 

Application Fee: Varies

Deadline: April 18th

Amount: $1,000.00

Other Requirements: Completed application, personal essay, and academic transcript

AMS Scholarship for Underserved Communities

This scholarship was created and funded by the Annual Giving Program to equip those students from underrepresented communities to stand out, specifically in science and technology.  

Application Fee: No Charge

Deadline: February 23rd 

Amount: $6,000.00 ($3,000.00 per Freshman and Sophomore year)

Other Requirements: Completed application, one letter of recommendation, and academic transcript

NativeVision Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Native Vision to support Native American high school seniors interested in education and sports. The scholarship is awarded to five students each year, with enough allocated funds to support that graduating student’s first full year of college. 

Application Fee: No Charge  

Deadline: May 20th 

Amount: $5,000.00 for incoming college Freshman 

Other Requirements: Completed application, academic transcript with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, a history of athletics, a commitment to higher education, and acceptance into a four-year university or college. 

NBCUniversal Media Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship was created to support and encourage any high school Latino student interested in the media and entertainment industry. Ten students are chosen from around the country every year, and awarded enough funds to make it through their first year of college. 

Application Fee: No Charge 

Deadline: July 7th

Amount: $5,000.00

Other Requirements: Completed application, high school transcript, three letters of recommendation, and a resume. 

Gomez Family Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship is for you if you are a Hispanic or Latinx high school student living in Texas.   

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: April 10th

Amount: $1,500

Other Requirements: Completed application, personal essay, and resume 

Cybersecurity & The Latinx Community Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at Latinx high school students who are pursuing their degree in technology and, more specifically, in the field of cybersecurity. 

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: November 25th

Amount: $1,000.00

Other Requirements: Completed application, high school transcripts

Advancing Social Justice for Asian Scholarship

As one of several post-coronavirus backlashes, the population of Asians and Islanders living in America and abroad came under attack for the misguided view that they were “to blame” for the virus’s outbreak. Because of this discrimination, many Asians and Islanders have been subjugated to violence and protests. This scholarship was launched recently to help Asians in America advance into college with support so that they may build a better future for themselves despite what has been said about them.  

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: April 10th 

Amount: $500.00

Other Requirements: A completed application and an essay about your personal investment and actions toward ending the social injustice aimed at Asian Americans. 

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship 

In partnership with the McDonald’s company, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) was founded to assist African Americans or other students of color still in high school achieve their dreams and find their way into the best college career possible. 

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: November 1st—March 27th

Amount: Up to $15,000 for the entire Freshman year (split between two semesters)

Other Requirements: Provide a professional photo and answer the two questions posted on the application page linked above. 

Visa Black Scholars and Jobs Program

In partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), Visa offers a yearly award to African Americans or other students of color and chances at internships and summer programs. Any student who is interested in the world of business and finance are encouraged to apply. 

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: January 10th

Amount: Needs-based of up to $20,000 per year

Other Requirements: Complete the application and the required personal essay.  

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Herbert Lehman Scholarship

This incredibly selective scholarship was founded for African American or other students of color who are interested and passionate about the legal world. 

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline:  April 1st

Amount: $3,000

Other Requirements: Completed application, two recommendation letters, resume, high school transcripts, a personal statement, an essay, copies of SAT/ACT scores, and a copy of your Student Aid Report (FASFA). 

Pride in Education Award

For any high school Junior or Senior who identifies as LGBTQIA+, the Ally Education Fund welcomes you to apply to this very exclusive scholarship.  

Application Fee: 

Deadline: April 1st 

Amount: $500.00

Other Requirements: Completed application and personal Essay

Minority Student Art Scholarship

black male student sits at table in art class

This incredibly diverse and invigorating scholarship offers minority high school students the chance to begin their artistic education with a helping hand. This scholarship will propel students further towards their artistic future by supporting them in their early days. 

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: March 1st

Amount: $1,000.00

Other Requirements: Completed application and personal essay

National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) Diversity Scholarship

Last but not least, we have our minority-based scholarship for students in their last few years of high school. This scholarship is built as a platform for five students each year from all different backgrounds and walks of life to have an education they can be proud of. 

Application Fee: N/A

Deadline: October 17th

Amount: $2,000.00

Other Requirements: Completed application, high school transcript, one letter of recommendation, color headshot for the website, and a personal essay. 

All of these various scholarships are built around the idea of celebrating and promoting diversity on a global scale. Everything from the medical to the artistic fields, banking, technology, and so much more has all been improved by inclusion across the board. Therefore, if you are a minority student in high school and you are interested in going to a 4-year college or university, then you should take the time to invest in your future by applying to as many scholarships as possible. We at NSHSS believe in you and know you can do great things. If you have any questions, or want to learn more NSHSS scholarships, just visit our website to find out how your future starts today!