Top 10 Surefire Steps To Land Your Dream Internship In 2021

Monday, June 21, 2021
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An internship may be your first brush with the professional working world, whether you're a high school or college student. Without a doubt, the classroom teaches you the essentials of your field of interest. Still, NSHSS Partners can help you find an internship opportunity to apply your know-how in real-world situations, prepare you for life, and open doors to additional options along the way. While the practical points in this blog apply to everyone seeking an internship, we encourage high school students to seek the benefits of an internship experience, not only for college applications and NSHSS programs, but for the future.


1. Ask yourself what you want from your internship.

Before applying for internships, we recommend a self-evaluation of what you want from an internship. Make a list of what interests you, what you value the most from your experience, and the type of work environment suited for your personality. This step is critical for finding an opportunity that meets your needs beyond just location and your company wish list.


2. Based on your criteria, target the internships that fit you.

Once you know what you want, use a trusted site like NSHSS to search and apply for active internship listings. While putting together internship wish lists is fun, they might not always be practical or affordable, considering most opportunities will be unpaid.


3. Contact your top companies directly for internship opportunities.

While NSHSS Partners offer exclusive internship opportunities with sought-after companies like global teen brand Hollister Co., not every company will have information posted on their site. Don't miss your dream internship by not contacting a company's HR department directly to inquire.


4. Learn how to network.

Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, networking to land your dream internship is easier. Chances are, family and friends have also worked at the companies you are pursuing. NSHSS Partners such as The Intern Group can also help you develop your network.


5. Create a job-winning resume.

Although creating a job-winning resume is a blog post itself, the chances are that your job experience is pretty meager if you need an internship. You still need a resume and can craft a "job-winning" one using just your background and interests. It is possible to create professional-looking resumes of all levels by including extracurricular school activities, volunteer work, and more. A good place to start is by researching online for resume templates for high school students.


Need additional assistance with your resume? Consult the NSHSS Career Center not only for open internship opportunities but a resume review service to get it in top-notch shape.


6. Highlight your talents and skills with a portfolio.

This step primarily works if you seek an internship in art, writing, performance, or programming. A portfolio of your work samples can make your resume stand out significantly. When creating your portfolio for internship opportunities, keep it to three to five  of your best examples, along with a concise description to give context to each.


7. Gather your references and letters of recommendation.

A job-winning resume and strong portfolio are only effective with references and letters of recommendation that support it. Another way to leave potential employers duly impressed is by including references and letters of recommendation from past employers, instructors, and others, mainly if they apply to your internship field.


8. Take the time to prepare for your interview.

Preparing for an interview, including a job or internship, gives you the confidence to ace the interview like a professional. Employers aren't only looking at your resume and judging your answers. They look at your confidence and composure to vet the best candidate for opportunities like the Abercrombie & Fitch Global Diversity & Leadership Scholar Awards


9. Keep an open mind throughout the process.

Although NSHSS Partners welcome interns from a broad range of fields, if the internship of your choice has been filled, don't panic. You can still land an internship that will be valuable to you by keeping an open mind. Nonprofit, government, or local organizations might be smaller but can be educational and rewarding.


10. Don't forget to follow up with your other internship opportunities!

Finally, if you've submitted an application or gone on an interview, companies always appreciate a follow-up. That includes getting feedback on your resume, thanking them for their consideration, or accepting their internship offer. When you take the time to follow up with a company, you're not only a professional, you are showing genuine interest in a future with them.


Eager to gain an edge in your internship experience? In that case, the NSHSS Intern Readiness Certificate Program can boost your success with e-learning modules and live webinars featuring guests speakers.