What Do You Do In NSHSS? Discover How Members Can Take Advantage

Thursday, April 16, 2020
Advantages Of Being An Nshss Member

At the National Society of High School Scholars, we are proud to foster a community of determined and ambitious scholars in high school and beyond. That’s why we offer so many benefits for our members to help them thrive on their journey to success.

NSHSS members have access to so many different opportunities to grow, learn, celebrate success, and network with fellow students and even professionals. NSHSS strives to provide its members with positive, developmental experiences that they will remember forever.

If you’re thinking about joining NSHSS and wonder how you can take advantage of your lifetime membership, here are some examples of the benefits our members enjoy. 

Apply for Scholarships

Every year, NSHSS awards over two million dollars in scholarships to help members finance their futures. Scholarships range from focusing on students who excel in the fine arts and literature to STEM and leadership, and applications usually require students to submit an essay or piece of work on a specific prompt.

With these scholarships, NSHSS offers ways for its members to gain access to more opportunities and also practice their personal statement-writing and application skills.

Students have the chance to earn money to help support their schooling and future careers, and these  scholarships are available to NSHSS members.

Access Study Abroad Opportunities

NSHSS also partners with organizations like United Planet and CET to offer study and volunteer abroad opportunities. Due to the partnerships NSHSS fosters, students gain direct access to these opportunities and can even apply for scholarships to help pay for the trip.

As many students know, studying and volunteering abroad provides the opportunity to learn and grow in a completely new way. Venturing to a different country allows students to step outside their comfort zones and experience new cultures and ideas while continuing to learn about their field of study or help those in need. Gaining new perspectives is an important part of learning, which is why NSHSS tries to help students access and fund these opportunities.

Network at Special Events

Along with scholarship opportunities, NSHSS also provides members with chances to network at special member events each year.

At these events, members get to not only network with fellow NSHSS members but also learn from college admissions officers and professionals during special event workshops.

By attending such events, students have a chance to practice their networking skills, meet fellow students who may become their collaborators one day, learn more about college admissions, and gain insights from professionals in various fields. 

NSHSS events also celebrate member successes and highlight scholarship winners, allowing the creation of a strong community of driven and collaborative scholars. We hope students who meet at our events can become lifelong friends.

As an example of a special event, NSHSS members have access to academic tours, in which students have the chance to visit a variety of college campuses and meet with college admissions officers to learn more about the application process and college life in general.

Gain Leadership Skills

Meanwhile, NSHSS also gives its members the chance to practice and improve their leadership skills through its leadership programs: Ambassadors, Student Council, and Fellows. 

The Ambassadors program is for high school members who show exemplary community service and leadership and would like to represent NSHSS around the globe. Student Council gives NSHSS members attending college a chance to spread the word about NSHSS and help connect members from around the world. And finally, the Fellows program is for members who have graduated from college and want to remain connected as leaders in their communities and across the globe. 

When members get involved in these leadership programs, they have the opportunity to connect with fellow NSHSS scholars, hone their leadership abilities, and become representatives of the NSHSS values. 

Learn from a Wealth of Resources

Finally, NSHSS members have lifetime access to a wealth of resources to help them navigate their academic and professional careers. 

The NSHSS blog offers articles to help members learn more about college readiness, scholarship application tips, networking skills, study strategies, and more.

As part of NSHSS, members get to learn from their fellow students and alumni, educator members, NSHSS staff, and corporate sponsors. What’s more, since an NSHSS membership requires only a one-time payment for a lifetime of benefits, becoming a member of NSHSS now affords students the chance to create connections that will later help them compete in high-caliber professional markets. 


As with many opportunities, NSHSS is what members make it. However, members have no shortage of options when it comes to making the most of their lifetime membership.