What is NSHSS and is it Worth Joining?

Monday, January 22, 2024
What Is Nshss And Is It Worth

NSHSS stands for the National Society of High School Scholars. In a nutshell, NSHSS helps students access greater resources and community to help them through their educational journey and beyond into professional life. 

This article will provide further insight into why NSHSS exists, the benefits of joining, and the considerations students should make when deciding whether or not to join.


NSHSS: Purpose and Mission

The National Society of High School Scholars, or NSHSS, exists to both recognize and serve high-achieving scholars in over 26,000 high schools across 170 countries. NSHSS fosters a community of more than 2 million members who range from high school students to college students and graduated professionals. 

The mission of NSHSS is to honor its members' academic achievements while providing access to resources and scholarships that help augment students’ educational journeys, fuel and support future careers, and filter impact back into communities worldwide.

Claes Nobel, the senior member of the Nobel family which established the Nobel Prizes, helped found NSHSS in an effort to continue his family’s legacy of recognizing contributions that improve the world. Mr. Nobel was the advisory board chair and thus personally involved in many of NSHSS’s initiatives and events. With his involvement in NSHSS, he demonstrated his belief in the youth of today as the leaders the world will need tomorrow.


Benefits of Joining NSHSS

Students who join NSHSS enjoy various benefits, ranging from scholarship opportunities and networking events to leadership development and college admissions help. Below are reasons why NSHSS is unique in its approach to helping scholars succeed in high school and beyond.


NSHSS is focused on building community.

One of the most exciting benefits of NSHSS is the community of driven scholars that it creates and fosters through its online resources, student leadership teams, and events.

When you get involved with NSHSS, you will meet like-minded students from all over the world who then become your cheerleaders, confidants, and collaborators. By being part of NSHSS, you will have the opportunity to share resources with fellow students and hear from NSHSS graduates and working professionals to improve your skills and future prospects.


NSHSS Helps Students Access Valuable Scholarships and Resources

As another benefit of membership, NSHSS offers a variety of scholarships and other resources exclusively for its members. By looking at our available scholarships, you’ll see that NSHSS offers opportunities for students to earn scholarship money toward college, study abroad experiences, service trips, and special projects.

Moreover, NSHSS offers scholarships to students with interests and talents ranging from leadership and entrepreneurship to the arts and engineering.

NSHSS also provides members with information, tips, and insights on our blog. Articles on the blog offer information like tips for the college admissions process, lists of colleges that offer the best financial aid, student reflections on their own experiences, and advice for students hoping to improve networking skills.


NSHSS Memberships Last a Lifetime

If you qualify for and choose to pursue an NSHSS membership, you have access to a lifetime of benefits. Though NSHSS is an honor society for high school scholars, as the name suggests, the ability to take advantage of NSHSS connections, opportunities, and community continues through college, graduate school, and your eventual career. 

NSHSS helps students develop valuable leadership and networking skills.

In addition, NSHSS offers leadership programs for high school students, college students, and graduates to take advantage of and represent NSHSS worldwide and develop valuable leadership skills. As NSHSS scholars understand, the ability to show up as a leader in any organization or profession will serve you throughout your life.

NSHSS members have several chances to develop their networking skills through NSHSS annual events, volunteering opportunities, and special field trips. NSHSS also maintains a partners program, which allows universities and companies to get to know some of the world’s top future talent and also gives members a chance to attend career fairs and get to know prospective employers.


NSHSS Gives Students Opportunities to Contribute in Meaningful Ways

Some of NSHSS’s scholarship opportunities include financial help toward service programs and chances to make a community impact abroad. NSHSS members often pride themselves on volunteering in their own communities as well, and leadership programs give scholars the chance to give back to the NSHSS community.

NSHSS was founded upon values of scholarship, community impact, sustainability, kindness, as well as positivity and resilience in the face of adversity. Thus, our scholars help bring those values to communities across the globe.


So Why Join NSHSS?

When students ask the question “Why should I join NSHSS?” they should consider their current access to academic resources and scholarships, their interest in leadership opportunities and networking events, and their desire to find like-minded scholars with whom to forge lifelong connections. 

Joining NSHSS provides students with community, resources, skill-building opportunities, and a lifetime connection with fellow scholars. NSHSS is determined to help students build brighter futures and get the most out of their educational and professional lives. 

When students band together and pool resources through an organization like NSHSS, they only strengthen their readiness for college and their dream careers. What we love most at NSHSS is to see students shine and give back to their communities. We want to help you become a better and brighter student and we believe there is no time like the present. So why wait? Begin your membership application today!