What Makes NSHSS Legit? 5 Ways Students Can Take Full Advantage

Friday, January 03, 2020
Joining High School Honor Society

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is committed to creating the most beneficial programs possible for students in high school and beyond. But what makes these programs so valuable?

Once you become a member of NSHSS, you are a member for life. One $90-fee gives you access to years of opportunities to network with fellow scholars and professionals, apply for scholarships, access grants as an educator, and more. 

By becoming an NSHSS member, you have the chance to challenge yourself with new opportunities and also gain knowledge from fellow determined scholars as you continue on your educational and professional journey.

Below are five specific ways students can take full advantage of all NSHSS has to offer. 


1. Access Scholarships

Each year, NSHSS and its partners award $2,500,000+ in scholarships to help students pay for college, summer programs, graduate school, and even international study abroad programs. 

As an NSHSS member, you will receive regular information about these scholarships, many of which are geared toward specific interests and talents. Students in high school and college can apply for scholarships based on areas in which they excel, from entrepreneurship, leadership, STEM, and medicine, to music, visual arts, literature, sustainability, and more!

Members can visit the NSHSS scholarships page to check out which scholarships have open applications and get started anytime.


2. Learn How to Lead

Along with scholarship opportunities, NSHSS also offers leadership programs for students who are committed to making a difference in their communities by growing their leadership skills. 

So many NSHSS members are passionate about connecting with other students and people from all over the world to make a difference, whether through sustainability programs, mentorship, or other forms of community outreach. 

Not only does NSHSS reward such students with scholarship opportunities, but the honor society also offers ways for these students to continue growing into the leaders they want to be.

NSHSS has three programs–the Ambassador, Fellows, and Student Council programs–that particularly help members build the skills they need to make a lasting impact in their communities and the world as a whole.


3. Build Skills for Your Career

NSHSS members also have plenty of opportunities to gain career-building skills by attending workshops and other member events with university admissions counselors, educators, and other NSHSS partners to better understand how to prepare for next steps like college and future careers. 

Moreover, NSHSS hosts career and college fairs for members. There, members have the chance to speak with university and partner representatives to learn more about what to expect when applying to college and how to pursue various career-building opportunities. 

Even if members can’t attend events in person, the NSHSS website’s blog posts and tips and advice page offers guidelines for students to keep in mind as they apply to college and various scholarships. 

All the skills NSHSS helps its members gain will better prepare them for college and their future career.


4. Network with Fellow Students and Professionals

Even beyond access to all the resources NSHSS offers on its website and through its programs, NSHSS members also have access to perhaps the most valuable resource: other NSHSS members.

Learning to network is an important skill on its own, but when NSHSS couples networking practice at special events with the community of driven, committed students, educators, and partners, students have no choice but to steer themselves on a path toward success.

When groups of passionate and successful scholars come together through one organization, they inspire and push each other to take on challenges they might not otherwise try. NSHSS members connect to help each other achieve their loftiest goals.

NSHSS members will be able to connect with fellow members to become lifetime friends and even colleagues, proving that talented people are even more powerful when they work together. 


5. Enjoy a Lifetime of Benefits

All the benefits you will enjoy by becoming an NSHSS member are benefits you can utilize for a lifetime! NSHSS members are members for life.

This means that students who get help with scholarships heading into college can continue applying for NSHSS scholarships they are eligible for as they move onto graduate school. All members are welcome to attend events and remain part of NSHSS through leadership programs and community outreach.

Moreover, with this lifetime membership, NSHSS is committed to each and every member. According to an NSHSS parent of Morgan, an NSHSS member, “Despite having over members across the globe, NSHSS was committed to Morgan’s professional growth and provided her with various resources to help her achieve her goals.” 

For all these reasons and more, NSHSS is legit; and becoming a member is an awesome way to commit to your academic and professional goals and connect with fellow scholars who are also working toward successful careers.

Because NSHSS charges $90 to become a member, it's been questioned as a legitimate organization. However, it's not uncommon for honors societies and academic organizations to charge annual fees and dues, and NSHSS is not a scam. Become an NSHSS member today and gain access to all the benefits that await–for life!