What’s the National Society of High School Scholars & Why Should I Join?

Sunday, July 08, 2018
National Society For High School Scholars

What’s the National Society of High School Scholars?

National Society of High School Scholars is a distinguished academic honor society, committed to recognizing, serving and networking the highest-achieving student scholars in more than 23,000 high schools across 170 countries.

Criteria for membership is based on academic performance and is the highest among national high school honors programs. Since its founding in 2002, NSHSS has fostered a diverse and inclusive organization of exceptional young leaders of more than 2 million members spanning high school to college to career. Its mission is to honor academic achievement and provide unique resources and scholarships that enrich educational journeys, fuel career interests and drive community impact. Members of NSHSS exemplify and learn from NSHSS values. NSHSS values follow “The Seven Rights,” which NSHSS Chairman and Co-Founder Claes Nobel believes is a powerful remedy for Universal Peace, Environmental Sustainability, and Personal Happiness:

  • Right Thought: positive and productive thoughts for a positive and productive life
  • Right Word: what you say has power
  • Right Deed: leading a life of Dignity, Honor, and Truth
  • Right Attitude: positivity, kindness, generosity, and listening will take you far
  • Right Livelihood: reduce your carbon footprint and live with the environment in mind
  • Right Here: making a difference right in your own community


Why Should I Join NSHSS?

Members of NSHSS are immediately connected to unique learning experiences, rewarding scholarships, valuable internships, international study opportunities, and meaningful peer networks as well as NSHSS-specific discounts. By paying a one-time $90 fee, you receive a lifetime membership and become part of a network of fellow young scholars and their supporters.

Unique Leadership Experiences

As a member of NSHSS, you will receive access to leadership opportunities in high school, college, and beyond through our Ambassadors, Student Council, and Fellows Programs. All these programs afford members unique opportunities to increase their leadership skills and connect with fellow members across the globe.

Ambassadors are exemplary leaders within their high school who exhibit a strong commitment to community service and represent NSHSS within their high schools and communities around the world. They play a vital role in communicating with current and prospective members about how to make the most of their NSHSS membership through social media and their school network.

Student Council members are outstanding college students from around the world who take the time to give advice to members through their own experiences and offer information about different programs and activities NSHSS provides its members.

The Fellows Program provides an opportunity for NSHSS alumni members to take on leadership roles past college graduation from the perspective of active members in their academic, corporate, arts, or non-profit communities. As part of the Fellows Program, NSHSS members have the chance to further the mission of NSHSS and remain connected to a global community of like-minded scholars and professionals who have graduated college and maintain the values of NSHSS.

Rewarding Scholarships

NSHSS offers specific scholarships in areas like emerging leadership and entrepreneurship as well as excellence in various fields like visual arts, filmmaking, writing, STEM, environmentalism, and business. Some scholarships even provide opportunities for scholars to study and volunteer abroad. For more information, see the full a list of scholarships available through NSHSS.

Valuable Internships

NSHSS has a partnership with The Intern Group, the leading provider of international internship programs around the world. All NSHSS members benefit from a 10% discount year-round on the internship of their choice, and right now, The Intern Group is actually offering an exceptional members the opportunity to pursue a 6-week scholarship in the Summer/Fall of 2018 and intern at a leading company in London, Madrid, Colombia, Hong Kong, New York, or Australia.

Internships allow members to grow their professional experience in a hands-on environment and gain valuable insight into professional industries while gaining academic credit.

International Study Abroad Opportunities

NSHSS has partnerships with opportunities for members to study abroad and offers scholarships for students to get financial assistance with such study abroad programs. Studying abroad provides members the chance to grow their experience of another culture, get involved with international community service, and even learn another language.

Meaningful Peer Networks

As a member of NSHSS, you will be connected with over 1,500,000 members in more than 170 countries—all of which are dedicated scholars and future or current leaders just like you. You and your peer members will have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as former high school and college students still connected to NSHSS. NSHSS hopes to connect people from around the world who share the same values of service, leadership, and scholarship in an effort to create a better overall global environment.


So Why Join NSHSS?

NSHSS is an ideal way to promote continued academic success and growth toward a prosperous college and professional experience. By joining NSHSS members, you are joining a global community committed to helping you make the most of your unique gifts and share them with the world.