Elizabeth DeSantis Encourages Students to Stand Their Ground

Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A 2020 graduate of Briarcrest Christian School and winner of the NSHSS Academic Research Scholarship, Elizabeth DeSantis offers empowering words of encouragement to her fellow student peers. 

Now a freshman at Indiana University studying journalism, Elizabeth told local Memphis news sources "I think it's essential as a journalist to be sure of yourself. There will be a lot of people who will say your story is wrong, that you’re wrong. You need to learn to stand your ground."

Elizabeth's words speak volumes amidst a time of heightened political contention, civil unrest over racial equality and human rights, and an overly politicized coronavirus pandemic. Exacerbating these issues is a generation gap of differing perspectives.

As the Memphis story put it, "We live in a society where young people don’t follow the news - a society where young people don’t vote." Older folks are quick to cluster all young people the same way.

Debunking these misconceptions that young people don't follow the news and don't care about politics, Elizabeth says she is very passionate about politics. "I love to keep up with the news. I think there’s still a lot around the world people don’t know about. So I would like to do International stories and bring them to the U.S."

Elizabeth seeks to open up the world to people through her words as a print journalist. "I think that as a journalist, it will be my job to be a role model, she said. “Especially with young girls, to empower them. I want them to feel they can do more." 

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