TeenLife Magazine Features NSHSS Expert Advice

Date: Thursday, January 2, 2020

In its 2020 Guide to Summer Overnight Programs, TeenLife Magazine lists dozens of opportunities for high school students to consider during summer break to gain new experiences. Their editors turned to experts at NSHSS, Harvard, and The Village School as resources in the section called, "Ask the Experts: Tips on Choosing the Right Summer Experience." Karen Kane, Director of Scholarships and Communications at NSHSS offered several bits of advice for students. She states, "More than anything, students should look for opportunities that align with their interests, not just things that they think are going to look good on a college application or that sound impressive. Part of what students are doing at this age is unraveling their identity.”

You can read more of the expert advice from Karen Kane on page 9 of the guide.

If you are looking for more ideas for summer, be sure to check out the upcoming NSHSS Summer Programs, including the Nobel Summer Program in Stockholm, Sweden, the Ivy League and East Coast University Tours in July and August, and the STEM Immersion: Boston program.


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