Aditya Krishnan

Lake Nona High School
Orlando, FL

Sixteen-year-old Aditya Krishnan is from Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida. His love for Math and Algebra stemmed from his favorite math teacher Mr. Chris Hall. He thought of, designed, and created his app Algebraic! after spending his sophomore year summer assisting with an Advanced Math camp. At the end of the camp, Aditya wanted to do more for the children he taught Algebra. He always wanted to help his community in many ways. Whether volunteering at Ronald MacDonald or handing out school supplies to less advantaged kids, Aditya believes in constantly giving back to the community. He tutored in English, Geography, Math, Geometry, and Algebra. Aditya created Algebraic! because he realized that several kids wanted to practice beyond their summer camp hours. Aditya believes that no child should be left behind in this difficult post-COVID era, wherein students struggle to understand Algebra which is essential for exams like the SAT and PSAT. With his grant from the Be More Fund, Aditya hopes to improve on personalized training.

Scholarships Awarded in 2022: Be More Grant

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