Alexis Juergens

Thunder Mountain High School
Juneau, AK

Alexis Juergens participates in an array of leadership programs. She has been a part of a volunteer organization called Civil Air Patrol for three years and has continued to progress in leadership skills as she climbed the chain of command to the title of Cadet Commander. Alexis is a state-champion competitor in Drama, Debate, and Forensics, leading her team as a team captain for debate while mentoring middle school debaters. Additionally, she has been an active member of the NHS community. After graduating a year early, Alexis will attend Bethany Lutheran College with a communications major, where she plans to join the Air Force as a Public Affairs Officer.

Scholarships Awarded in 2024: NSHSS Young Leaders for Office

Five (5) High school or college students interested in politics will receive $1,000 for their potential and interest to drive positive change in our communities and the world at large.