Anna Kove

West Career & Technical Academy
Las Vegas, NV

Anna volunteers weekly at Summerlin Hospital NICU or ER, obtained her CNA certification, runs Project Dot, and has indulged in 800+ hours of community service in the past three years. Anna says, "Indulging in my philanthropic work is not something that I'm extrinsically motivated by; it's an intrinsic fire that engages me." Anna is continuing her education at UCLA, hoping to enter the medical field and preserve the trust of those going through such a vulnerable time. Anna dreams of going to underdeveloped countries to administer health care to different communities. Being President of Project Dot, a non-profit providing feminine hygiene kits to low-income women, transmen, and non-binary individuals, has helped show Anna the needs that must be fulfilled. Through Anna's determination and leadership, she has secured $30k+ in grants for Project Dot. Alongside Anna's philanthropy, she has also embarked on many business endeavors. From running her own business on Poshmark with thousands of followers as she promotes clothing sustainability to running her own dorm essentials website, she has also found her love for entrepreneurship.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: The Claes Nobel Legacy Awards