Arisa Chue

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech
Springfield, VA

Arisa Chue is a 2nd-year Stanford University student pursuing a BS in Computer Science. Her academic interests are in exploring the intersection of linguistics and machine learning. From the basics of using artificial intelligence to translate our speech, she is researching how machines can better comprehend our jargon. She has completed software engineering internships at Google and Meta Platforms and is currently a Section Leader/Teaching Assistant for Stanford’s introductory data structures and algorithms course, where she leads weekly discussion sections, holds weekly office hours, and grades assignments and exams. Outside class, she finds it meaningful to create spaces for women to spread their love for STEM because she believes she can impact the gender imbalance in future STEM classes, leading to more diverse workplaces. She is a member of Stanford’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Innovation in Technology Scholarship

Technology is everywhere, from behind the scenes with coding and software programming, or easily demonstrated through AI and robotics. The NSHSS Innovation in Technology Scholarship wishes to honor our students devoted to tech to tell us all about their passions for the field.