Ava Dugan

Middletown High School
Middletown, RI

Ava Dugan is a 17-year-old Middletown high school graduate from Middletown, Rhode Island. She will attend Simmons University in Boston this fall with a major in nursing. Ava is a proud NSHSS “Your First Scholarship 2023” recipient.

With the NSHSS Your First Scholarship, Ava is excited to expand her horizons further. She plans to utilize this opportunity to lighten the burden of college finances while contributing to her love of travel through potential study abroad opportunities.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: Your First Scholarship

In Your First Scholarship, an award for those who have never before won a scholarship, we will be walking you through all the steps of the application process, providing the best tips and tricks, and essentially, leaving you with a refined "toolbox" for you to use in all your future endeavors—from academic to professional.