Elle Fischer

Silverton High School
Silverton, OR

Elle is a high school junior with a career interest in veterinary sciences or engineering. Her favorite activities include competitive barrel racing, playing guitar, reading, drawing, and sports - specifically swim team and volleyball. Although she loves the small town she was raised in, Elle looks forward to traveling the world someday. But she will always look forward to coming home to be close to her parents, her little sister, and her pets. She has a horse (Trooper), a springer spaniel (Emmy), and two cats (Rosie & Tiger). One of the things she is most passionate about is giving back to her local children's hospital, Doernbecher. After 14 surgeries and countless stays, she has learned firsthand the enormous value they provide. She is proud to say that she has raised over $30,000 in the past ten years, intending to reach $100,000 in total funds by the end of her senior year. Her fundraising efforts have led to radio interviews, being the Miracle Child for the Children's Miracle Network, being featured on the cover of a magazine, and meeting countless new friends. Wherever life takes Elle, her goal is to leave it a better place than before. 

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