Finnegan McGill

Tanque Verde High School
Tucson, AZ

Finnegan McGill is a sophomore at Tanque Verde High School in Tucson, Arizona, whose passion for the Korean martial art Dang Soo Do shapes both his character and academic journey. 
Finn's dedication to his sport earned him a 1st Dan (Black Belt) in 2021, and he will receive his 2nd Dan soon. Juggling the demands of high school academics and martial arts, Finn navigates challenges with a positive attitude and intrinsic motivation. The impact of Dang Soo Do extends beyond the physical training, influencing Finn's self-confidence and fostering a "Go-Getter" attitude. His involvement in many school activities, including Mock Trials, Theater, Student Council, Cross Country Varsity Team, Soccer, World Culture, and Math Club, highlights his well-rounded personality. Finnegan excels academically and takes on leadership roles, teaching younger students in Dang Soo Do and building a solid support network. 
Finn is engaged in his local community as a certified therapy dog handler through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He and his therapy dog spread joy through approved animal-assisted activities, contributing to the mission of creating connections and sharing smiles in the Tucson community. 
Finn's balance between academic excellence, martial arts mastery, and community service reflects a power that propels him forward in the classroom, on the mat, and beyond. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Student Athlete Scholarships