Haylie Salce

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

To be a successful student-athlete you must practice determination, concentration, and dedication, but most of all – you must practice humbleness. Rowing has taught me how to be humble and to appreciate and embrace diversity. I get that in the end we are all on the same team and strive to reach the same goal - to be happy, succeed in life and love one another.

Rowing has enabled me to master the importance of time-block and time-management and because of this I am a successful student-athlete. I am most productive when I practice this skill and I feel my best when I put all that my sport has taught me about life to use.
I love that I have found a sport I love and that I am passionate about. The feeling of the THRILL of the race, the open-water and the WIN we ALL worked so hard for as a TEAM is like no other! Whenever I feel like I just can’t stroke another stroke I remember these two sayings:

• When your body aches and your legs can’t row no further – ROW WITH YOUR HEART!
• Pain Is Temporary! Pride Is Forever!

Scholarships Awarded in 2021: NSHSS Student Athlete Scholarships