Henry Jiang

North Bay Haven Charter Academy

Henry is an 18-year-old from Florida interested in computer science, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship. He will be a computer science undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology next semester and is eager to develop further the skills and experience necessary for future career endeavors. He has various cybersecurity, software development, and artificial intelligence skills to supplement his interest in business and finance.

Learning Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, working with Navy engineers in the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program, and developing Android applications for Hangzhou Precise Robot LLC have developed Henry's communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. He is eager to prove the effectiveness of his myriad talents and his determination to improve rapidly at college!

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Innovation in Technology Scholarship

Technology is everywhere, from behind the scenes with coding and software programming, or easily demonstrated through AI and robotics. The NSHSS Innovation in Technology Scholarship wishes to honor our students devoted to tech to tell us all about their passions for the field.