Lauren Ejiaga

Benjamin Franklin High School
New Orleans, LA

As a second-generation Nigerian American, Lauren has a unique perspective on lacking essential medical equipment, physicians, infant and maternal care, clean water, and a good education in the rural, developing world. With this awareness, she leads with a spirit of gratitude and urgency to address social, economic, and political determinants of health. Lauren’s passion for science – and in particular, the environment – has driven her to shepherd numerous efforts, including the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Clearwater Innovation, From Student to Scientist, the Green Society, and the Pets and Wildlife Club, as well as to volunteer for STEAM-related organizations with an emphasis on reaching women and disadvantaged children. Countless awards and organizations have recognized her independent research and education efforts, and she was named one of six North American recipients of an international award for emerging youth environmental leaders for her founding of Conservation and Restoration Conjunction Science Workshops. Lauren plans to pursue neuroscience and ecological studies degrees to become a medical and environmental professional.