Lillian Hertel

Benilde-St Margaret'S School
Minneapolis, MN

Lillian Hertel is passionate about community engagement and youth advocacy. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Students Stand Up, an organization working to educate the next generation about civics and help them get involved with activism. Lillian also works in local government and politics, and holds leadership positions at Civics Unplugged, an organization centering youth in political discussions, and The Period Society, a nonprofit dedicated to making menstrual education and products accessible around the world. She plans to attend college on the East Coast and pursue a career in nonprofit law to continue to give back to her community.

Scholarships Awarded in 2022: Notorious RBG Women of Tomorrow Scholarship

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, or "Notorious RBG" as she has been coined by Shana Knizhnik, was an American icon of epic proportions. As remembered by the American Bar Association, "It is undeniable that the late Justice Ginsburg transformed the legal profession, the Supreme Court, and the fabric of American society through her tireless advocacy for gender equity. She was a brilliant legal scholar who left a mark on American jurisprudence both in her role on the Court and as an advocate." NSHSS hopes to honor the blazing legacy of "Notorious RBG" by awarding ten (10) applicants with $1,000 each for their efforts to embody the spirit of RBG within their own communities.