Michael Christensen

La Costa Canyon High School
Encinitas, CA

Michael finds purpose and joy in helping his friends, looking for needs in his communities, and helping everyone everywhere he goes. His mother taught him to serve as a toddler, bagging broccoli and celery in the back rooms of the church storehouse. Michael comes from a faith-based, service-oriented scouting family. 

He is an Eagle Scout. His family, Church, and Boy Scouts of America raised him to live his life by looking for service everywhere he goes. Michael has been trained to identify needs in the community, serve others, and organize people and events on a massive scale. He is president and founder of Just Serve LCC, a high school service club. He managed seven donation drives at five schools, plus Encinitas Sheriff, Carlsbad Fire, and Carlsbad Police departments, to do several group community service activities, bringing our community together in service.

 Michael lobbied in DC with the Youth Steering Committee to support legislation allocating funding to school lunch programs to provide healthier, more sustainable meals to students with dietary restrictions or food insecurities. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Passion for Public Service Scholarship