Paul Beniaminov

Alexander MacKenzie High School
Maple, Ontario

Paul Beniaminov is active as student leader in his high school, a consistent volunteer in his community and advocate dedicated to social service.

He has contributed to a variety of extracurriculars in his school as Marketing Executive of the Student Council, as President of the Arts and Culture Council, as a past President of the Pride Council, as Lead in the President's Council and more. In these initiatives Paul has engaged students even during the pandemic and created safe virtual spaces for students to connect. Through these platforms Paul raised awareness on equal student representation, acknowledgement and tolerance.

Paul is also an active volunteer assisting individuals with special needs at local community centers. Working both one-on-one and as a general councilor, Paul has advocated for diverse accommodations. As someone with a learning disability and a linguistic barrier, he finds value in seeking to understand others despite background, ability, identity or status.

In the past he has been a community advocate in the renaming of a local secondary school, in board wide heritage fairs, spoken word conferences and much more. Paul hopes to continue uplifting diversity in his post secondary endeavors and will continue working alongside those in need.

Scholarships Awarded in 2021: NSHSS Diversity Scholarship