Sasha Ovalle

Village Christian High School
Los Angeles, CA

Sasha Ovalle is a senior in high school with a concentration in Entrepreneurialism and Global Leadership where she developed “Shower Saver”. Sasha was named a national award winner in the 2023 NSHSS Be More Fund competition and is currently 1 of the final 100 contestants in the 2024 Blue Ocean Competition, the largest youth entrepreneurship competition in the world with 9,800 entries from 161 countries. After college, Sasha intends to pursue a career in business as a future entrepreneur focused on the nexus of innovation and eco-consciousness.

In athletics, Sasha is the captain of her Varsity Cheerleading Team and has been recognized as a 4-Time All-American Cheerleader by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Other commitments beyond the classroom include being President of the Latino Club and Poetry Club and being a member of the school’s choir and a cappella group.

Sasha is a self-described Latina academic, entrepreneur, and athlete who thrives on shattering stereotypes and always looks forward to the next challenge.

Scholarships Awarded in 2024: NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award

The NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award recognizes NSHSS members under 18 with the most influential leadership qualities.