Sasha Ovalle

Village Christian High School
Los Angeles, CA

Sasha's passion for innovation began at the age of 10 during her first science and innovation fair. Thinking of her uncle, who was born with spina bifida, she decided to redesign the unwieldy and outdated crutches that he was forced to use every day. While her invention fell short of changing her uncle’s life, she obtained a provisional patent for it and began her journey as a young entrepreneur.

Sasha has continued her entrepreneurial growth as a member of her high school’s Entrepreneurialism and Global Leadership (EGL) Concentration where she was named EGL Student of the Year in 2022 and EGL Student Ambassador in 2023. Sasha's most recent project is Shower Saver, the world's first and only voice-controlled, Amazon Alexa-enabled shower head, an eco-friendly product with the potential to reduce national water consumption by a billion gallons a year. In addition to being awarded $10,000 in grant funding as an NSHSS Be More Fund national award winner, Shower Saver was selected as a finalist in the 2023 YES! Accelerator Program, an international entrepreneurial contest sponsored by, the 2023 Paradigm Challenge, an international, STEM-based innovation competition sponsored by Project Paradigm, and the 2023 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, a global entrepreneurship competition focused on sustainability and sponsored by UNESCO, the GOI Peace Foundation, and Stiftung Entrepreneurship.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: Be More Grant

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