Urja Kuppa

Long Reach High School
Columbia, Maryland

Hello, my name is Urja Kuppa and I am currently a freshman at Howard Community College. I applied for the NSHSS First Scholarship while I was at the Long Reach High School.Through taking various subjects at the high school level that interested me the most such as Science and Information Technology, I shifted my career vision from being an IT software engineer to Psychologist to Neuroscientist. I have decided to be a Neuroscientist as this career would help me integrate my interests of Computer Science and Neuroscience. Right now, I am majoring in Life Science at the Howard Community college and plan to transfer to University of Maryland during the 3rd year as this will help me save on the tuition. I am also taking Computer Science courses that will help enhance my programming skills in Java, C++, etc. and will continue to bring my vision to life. Besides my career-oriented vision, as mentioned in my personal statement for the scholarship, I want to welcome new experiences. I grew up in three different countries and my educational experience studying various languages and cultures has shaped me into who I am and what I want to pursue in my life.

Scholarships Awarded in 2021: Your First Scholarship

In Your First Scholarship, an award for those who have never before won a scholarship, we will be walking you through all the steps of the application process, providing the best tips and tricks, and essentially, leaving you with a refined "toolbox" for you to use in all your future endeavors—from academic to professional.