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How I Got Into My Dream School Scholarship
Close Date: Monday, July 01, 2019 Award: 5 x USD $2,000

Eligibility Requirements: College and post-college students and high school seniors who have been accepted into college.

Scholarship Award: USD $2,000

This scholarship is for applicants to share their experiences to help college-bound students by providing guidance and tips on getting into their first-choice colleges. These are first-hand experiences from students who have successfully joined the ranks of their dream schools and wish to help others by sharing their own journey to college acceptance.

Application Requirements:

  • Detailed write-up of your experience from high school through your acceptance to college based on questions provided (2,500 words); (see below)
  • Resume;
  • Transcript;
  • Head shot suitable for website posting;
  • Educator recommendation;
  • Copy of college application materials (including college application essay and why you selected the topic).
  • Applicants may be requested to submit a video of no more than 4 minutes introducing yourself and sharing your path to college acceptance.  

Questions to consider for your personal statement - organize and present as you wish:

  • When did you start thinking about and preparing for college?
  • How did you choose your dream school (what resources, guidance, college trips, etc.)?
  • What factors led you to choose your particular school?
  • What is your major or intended major and how did this factor into your school selection?
  • How involved were your high school counselors in the process?
  • To what extent were parents or guardians involved in your guidance and school selection?
  • To which other schools did you apply?
  • Were you focused on Ivy League schools or not?
  • What did you do in high school to prepare academically (AP courses, honors, IB courses, additional tutoring, etc.)?
  • Did you visit colleges and college fairs and/or take virtual college tours?
  • Did you change your mind about what you originally thought was your dream school after learning more or visiting?
  • Application process - share your successful college application essay, how long you spent on it, and how you selected the topic
  • Time management - how did you keep up with deadlines?
  • Is there anything in the process you would have done differently?
  • Do you have one over-riding piece of advice to share?
  • Are  you aware of any personal factors that may have tipped the scales in your favor? (legacy, financial need, geography, major, ethnicity, gender, first generation college student)

Open Date: May 1, 2019

Close Date: July 1, 2019