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Emma Lawrence, NSHSS Ambassador

How to Continue Improving your Community Despite COVID-19

Throughout this troubling and confusing time of Covid-19, I think that it is crucial to maintain a sense of community while helping others. Before quarantine, I frequently volunteered at my local domestic abuse shelter and youth theatre company, but nonprofit organizations have halted in-person volunteer work. However, this should not stop you. There are always ways to benefit others, even if you are cooped up in your home all day. You may ask yourself, “What do I do now?” and I have just the answer for you. 

1. Virtual Volunteering

When you think of volunteers, the picture that comes to mind is a group of good samaritans coming together and cleaning up a beach, or revitalizing the local neighborhood garden. Although this is not the only way to help improve the community. Numerous online charities are in need of anyone’s service from home through technology. Since I am a writer, I have enjoyed taking part in the reading of audiobooks to help the blind, and there are many websites to aid in your endeavors. You can even teach an online tutoring class through a video-chatting website in a subject you consider yourself an expert, such as a younger mathematics class or 3rd-grade earth science. You can read books to the young, teach exercise/dance classes virtually, or even reach out to senior citizens and play online games with them. You can also virtually volunteer with NSHSS, since it gives its members many opportunities not only to get involved in their society, but also beyond. Ambassadors are members of the NSHSS who want to go above and beyond, representing not only our esteemed community but also sharing with others about member benefits such as scholarships, internships, tutoring and mentoring services, virtual activities, and much more. Getting the word out will raise awareness for NSHSS, and hopefully get others to join the ambassador program, since they do so much to improve the community. The opportunities are endless, and there are thousands of websites with links to virtual charities that require your help during this concerning time. 

2. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is the easiest way to let all of your feelings and opinions out in an organized fashion. You can write about anything you desire. I have also taken advantage of this opportunity where I empower girls to speak their minds and feel confident within themselves. Here is my step-by-step guide to starting a blog:

Starting a blog is the easiest way to let all of your feelings and opinions out in an organized fashion. You can write about anything you desire. I have also taken advantage of this opportunity where I empower girls to speak their minds and feel confident within themselves. Here is my step-by-step guide to starting a blog:

Find your calling and true passion

  • To honestly write from the heart, you must enjoy what you’re writing! I am passionate about feminism and increasing girls’ confidence levels through activities I enjoy, so I felt that this would be the perfect start for me, but take your time doing this step! You want to stick with this subject and feel passionate so that you can write meaningful blog posts consistently. 


  • Now that you have found your passion, whether it be pre-med or geology, and you must move on to the research portion. Search the web for other blogs with a similar niche to yours, and educate yourself on the subject matters that you want to discuss with the world.

Create your website

  • Creating a website is considered the hardest part of the process. There are many free online website creators out there, and you must tailor each page to fit your needs. 

Just write!

  • Once your website is perfect in your eyes, it is time for the daunting task of writing your first post. My tip: don’t hold back! Write from the heart, otherwise it will seem insincere. Make sure your blog posts are topical as well.

Now you know the crucial steps in creating your very first blog. Write your heart out, and let your feelings be published for your community to see. Happy writing!

3. Start a Virtual Club

Now, this may seem tricky, but it is quite simple. A virtual meeting includes all the same material that would appear on a real club meeting agenda. The only difference is that the virtual club meets online while the physical club meets in person at a location such as a restaurant, coffee shop, library, or in-home setting. Starting a virtual club can be difficult, but if you are passionate about a subject, you and your club can set a plan to improve your community once this quarantine is lifted and virtually volunteer together. If you are passionate about discussing books regarding economics, start an online book club and strengthen your community through intelligent discussion. There are a multitude of clubs to start that can brighten the spirits of your community, and all you have to do is get the word out!

As expressed, there are numerous creative ways that you can carry out to improve society during this trying time of COVID-19. From starting a blog to virtually volunteering, there are endless opportunities for you to brighten the spirits of those around you. Stay safe, and stay inside!

Emma's Bio: 

"As a Windermere Preparatory School senior, I have always held a deep passion for writing. Based in Windermere, Florida, I am currently the editor of the literary magazine for my school's chapter of the National English Honor Society. Furthermore, I wrote, directed, produced, and performed in a play entitled Young Women, a series of monologues depicting the struggles that young girls face in the 21st century, ranging from social media to domestic abuse. All of the proceeds benefitted The Harbor House of Central Florida, and I raised $1,200 in donations. I hope to continue empowering women through writing with a campaign called Young Women Who Write, and the goal is to get women everywhere to feel inspired to write and to recognize their self-worth. In an age of endless criticism, I feel that it is crucial to empower oneself and others. Inspiring the next generation of females to love themselves is a priority of mine."



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