Do Your Extracurricular Activities Give You An Advantage In College Admissions?

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Whichever institution of higher education you choose, we are confident you want to make a great first impression on your college application. The bad news is that a high school diploma is not enough to guarantee you admission to the college of your choice, let alone prepare you to succeed there. The good news is that NSHSS Partners can assist you now to become a well-rounded high school student with extracurricular activities that show you are responsible, work well with others, and have leadership skills. Not to worry, NSHSS and its partners offer you valuable insight in this article on the advantages of becoming a well-rounded high school student not only for college applications but for life.


1. Extracurricular activities show your openness to explore your interests and excel in them.

The activities you choose in high school, including sports, clubs, and other initiatives, demonstrate to college admissions what you’re passionate about. With its network of global internship programs, The Intern Group helps students discover interests and gain hands-on experience through traditional and virtual internships locally and abroad that will define and differentiate you early on. Think of our NSHSS Partners as open doors to not only affecting college admissions but beyond. With an internship and travel adventure, the possibilities are limitless.


2. Extracurricular activities show that you have the initiative and leadership skills to make a lasting impact on campus and the world.

Top-tier campus programs, like Yale Young Global Scholars seek more than academically gifted students. Every college admissions board wants well-rounded students who can positively affect their campus by demonstrating their initiative and leadership in the day-to-day activities in their lives, like extracurriculars. This summer program has a global vision encompassing innovative topics in academia, including humanities, social sciences, and more—all held on Yale’s historic campus.


3. Thanks to NSHSS partners, extracurricular activities like sports give you an outlet outside of academics to help the college of your dreams find you.

Life outside of high school shouldn’t comprise just homework and study. Next College Student Athlete helps you put your sports extracurricular activities in high school to good use. They know extracurricular activities not only give students a break from classroom stress but allow them to express themselves. While sports can be fun, it also presents challenges and social stimulation not learned in the classroom. NCSA guides promising high school athletes through the college athletic recruiting process to build on the foundation of your extracurricular activities in high school.


4. College admissions consider your high school extracurricular activities in more than one way.

Your typical college application may ask you to list your extracurricular activities in high school in its designated section. It may also sneak it in as an essay question or interview question. Your extracurricular activities show your key qualities in their best light, including your interests, time management skills, and level of commitment. Berkeley Summer Sessions fill in the gap for students lacking extracurriculars by opening its University of California campus (in-person or virtually) to highly motivated rising high school juniors and seniors. There, you can discover your genuine interests with college-level courses, co-curricular activities, and college exploration workshops. 


As you can see, your extracurricular activities in high school give you advantages beyond making your college applications stand out. They shape you into a well-rounded person who can better contribute to the college community and the future. In support, our NSHSS partners offer the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you need even before you attend the school of your choice.