Funded NSHSS Scholarships 2023/2024 For Students

Thursday, March 09, 2023
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Students' scholarship applications are ongoing. Students' scholarship increases diversity and creates opportunities for individuals who might not have had them otherwise. Scholarships can also be a form of recognition and support for students who have shown academic or personal excellence. This can boost their confidence and help them achieve their goals. Additionally, scholarships help students gain access to career opportunities that they might not have had without their education. This can lead to higher-paying jobs and greater economic mobility. For further details, see here for our other relevant blogs.

Many students however choose not to continue higher education due to financial constraints; as a result, NSHSS has compiled the future NSHSS scholarships available to international students worldwide to consider and apply for.

Let’s dig deep!

1. Activism and Advocacy Scholarship

High school or college students passionate about bringing about social, political, and civil change in their community are eligible for this prize.

Amount Information

 $1,000 (minimum Amount Awarded)

Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate students who attend universities or four-year colleges and are non-members of the NSHSS are both requirements.

How to Apply

  • You'll need an application form, an essay, a personal photograph, and any other images, videos, or other assets demonstrating your leadership.
  • Resume and Transcript

Visit our website for additional details.

2. John Lewis's Good Trouble Scholarship

Amount details

$1,000 (minimum amount awarded)

Conditions for Eligibility

All students in high school or college are NSHSS members and non-members.

How to Apply

  • Provide a letter of recommendation.
  • Essay Answer to the question:
  • "I want American youth to embody the spirit of the 1960s and discover a method to obstruct it," John Lewis famously said. To devise a plan to cause trouble. Practical and necessary problem Please describe what "good trouble" means to you in no more than 800 words. What are you doing in your neighborhood to be unafraid to make some noise, and how do you "get in the way"?1-minute video addressing the following topic: why is good trouble such a passionate topic?
  • Photos or other images documenting events or acts of community action
  • Academic Curriculum Vitae (unofficial or official)
  • A color headshot that can be posted on a website

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3. Diversity Scholarships for Students

Amount Details

$2000 (minimum amount awarded)

Conditions for Eligibility

Upcoming high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Student Scholarship Information:

Giving students access to a school environment that values diversity, equity, and inclusion teaches them how to survive and thrive in a society where everyone is different.

Five (5) high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors who have shown a dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion programs in their institution, neighborhood, or place of employment will each receive $2,000 from the NSHSS.

How to Apply

  • What you will need is a reference from a teacher and a 500–800-word prompt response.
    • How have you promoted or assisted in growing diversity and inclusion programs in your school, community, or employment? Please mention your leadership responsibilities in promoting a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Images, videos, or other assets demonstrating your leadership in action (optional)
  • A color headshot appropriate for posting on websites
  • An academic résumé
  • A current transcript (can be official or unofficial)

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How to Apply

Those interested can read the complete list of qualifications for the NSHSS student scholarship and sign up to join the organization to receive frequent news updates. For additional details about the subsequent NSHSS scholarship for students, please visit our website here. We are pleased to help you!