What Does NSHSS Stand For?

Friday, January 22, 2021
What Does Nshss Stand For

What does NSHSS stand for? This commonly asked question has a simple answer and a more complex one.

First, the simple answer:

National Society of High School Scholars

The acronym NSHSS stands for the National Society of High School Scholars. NSHSS is a high school honors society with the goal of supporting young and highly motivated scholars on their path to college and a bright future.

Now, the more complex answer is also more interesting. What does NSHSS stand for? Well, NSHSS stands for high school students around the world in their quest to become the leaders and professionals they dream to become. 

What’s more, NSHSS seeks to support those students not only in high school but long after, through programs for members now in college and post-graduate positions.

What does NSHSS offer?

In support of our impressive members, NSHSS offers a variety of benefits that never expire. Below is a list of some of those benefits. As you’ll see, NSHSS stands for motivated scholars and their access to opportunities that will help them continuously grow and challenge themselves.


One of the most exciting benefits NSHSS offers to its members is a long list of scholarship opportunities, some exclusive to members and other types of partner discounts for members.

The scholarship opportunities vary based on students’ interests and talents and by the type of program. NSHSS members can apply for scholarships to help them pay for college, finance a study abroad opportunity, and more.

NSHSS also offers students scholarship application tips and advice, so they can continue to apply for scholarships outside of the list NSHSS offers and succeed with their applications.

Informational Support

In that same spirit, NSHSS offers continuous informational support for its members through various events like academic tours, in which students can visit various colleges and universities and learn from admissions officers about the college application process. 

NSHSS also provides informational support for members through the NSHSS Blog, which NSHSS updates every month with stories from fellow students and articles helping students learn more about topics like college readiness, financial aid tips, the college application process, study strategies, networking tricks, and more.

NSHSS has also been providing members with access to educational webinars during 2020, when in-person events have been canceled for safety and health concerns.

, NSHSS provides support and information for educators as well, ensuring that the dedicated individuals who are educating scholars around the world also receive the support they need to thrive.


NSHSS is also interested in helping students build their future careers, not only through the benefits already mentioned but also through networking events, both in-person and over Zoom, and through access to various scholarships, information, and events hosted by the NSHSS professional partners, which range from non-profit organizations to larger corporations.  

By committing to the NSHSS community of highly motivated fellow scholars, NSHSS members ultimately learn how to build their future through scholarships, achievement, leadership, and networking. The NSHSS community supports its members, and the members support each other.

Leadership Opportunities

NSHSS also offers exclusive leadership programs for members in high school, college, and beyond. 

The three leadership programs include the Ambassadors program for high school students who are active in their communities, the Collegiate Council program for outstanding college students around the globe, and the Fellows program, for continually dedicated NSHSS alumni.

These programs provide members with opportunities to practice leadership, community building, and global citizenship, allowing them to develop those skills and connections for future success.

Lifetime Membership

Finally, NSHSS provides its members with a lifetime membership, which really does mean a lifetime. NSHSS members have a chance to remain involved with NSHSS long after graduation.

In fact, as one parent shares, students become part of NSHSS and can continue to grow with the community well into their professional careers.


So, what does NSHSS stand for? 

NSHSS stands for excellence in education, chances to lead and network, and access to events and opportunities to learn and grow. 

Most of all, NSHSS stands for its members, supporting them so that they can enjoy a lifetime of success.