Ryan Cokerdem-DePriest

American School in Japan
Mooresville, NC

Ryan K. Cokerdem-DePriest is a dynamic entrepreneur and creative professional currently a freshman at Babson College. As a high school student, he founded Spark Voices, through which he trains and connects top-tier voiceover talent with a wide range of YouTube channels. As a US expat, Ryan attended international schools in Venezuela, Poland, and Japan for 11 years and graduated high school from the American School in Japan. Ryan is an accomplished communicator, presenter, and tournament debater fluent in Spanish. Ryan has been involved with various global community service and outreach projects, including Amigos. He donates 10% of his annual income to environmental charities and underserved communities. His other passions include music production, card magic, and pizza.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: Speak Up! Scholarship