Shaun Bahl

Waubonsie Valley High School
Naperville, IL

Shaun exemplifies dedication and achievement, excelling both academically and athletically. His commitment to academic excellence extends beyond the classroom, showcasing a genuine passion for his studies and swimming pursuits. Beyond personal success, Shaun actively engages in volunteer work, mainly focusing on impactful causes such as tutoring children. 
His ambitions align with a future in investment banking, and his efforts have garnered offers from esteemed universities, underscoring his standing as a sought-after candidate. Shaun's multifaceted involvement in academics, sports, and philanthropy paints a picture of a well-rounded individual with a clear vision for his future. His commitment to making a positive impact extends to both his personal and academic endeavors, setting him apart as a driven and accomplished student poised for success in finance and beyond. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Student Athlete Scholarships