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NSHSS for Good Earth Sustainability

NSHSS for Good Earth Sustainability

Mr. Claes Nobel: "Celebrate Earth Day Every Day."

Mr. Claes Nobel, senior member of the Nobel Prize family and Co-founder of NSHSS, is a passionate advocate for environmental causes. In fact, his favorite greeting is “Good Earth to you!" He encourages all of us to treat every day as if it were Earth Day by taking action and doing our part to preserve, protect, and tend to this wonderful planet we call home. Watch the video for Mr. Nobel's special message. 

Supporting Your Passion for Climate Action and Sustainability

We've gathered an array of opportunities and resources designed to support the creation of a better Earth

Elevate your passion for climate action and environmental stewardship with the following scholarships:

We also have a number of other scholarships that may apply to your passions.

On Earth Day this year, NSHSS will host a virtual screening of the documentary film “I Am Greta” followed by an intergenerational conversation between climate activists, scholars, and educators. Register to join us for this vital conversation. Click the link to read about the panelists and register!

I Am Greta Screening and Panel

MIN-HUA TSOU: Captain Planet Earth Day Award Recipient 

  • Min-Hua was determined to find an environmentally viable alternative to conventional treatments that can remove heavy metals and toxic organic compounds from wastewater while utilizing its nutrients for the production of valuable biofuels. After countless hours of trials and experiments, Min-Hua found out that mass microalgae culture in wastewater offers an alternative tertiary biotreatment along with the production of potentially valuable biofuels. She spent days after school synthesizing and testing different nanoparticle solutions in the laboratory to engineer a system that placed spheroidal silver nanoparticles around microalgal culture flasks to increase the the formation of photopigments in algal cells using the backscattering in the spectral regions favorable for microalgal growth. Through countless hours of trying and retrying, Min-Hua faced multiple errors and challenges, inconsistent results, experimental errors but eventually her system offered a sustainable way to clean wastewater while producing useful biofuels- a step towards a cleaner and healthier Earth.

Ethan Wilk: NSHSS Foundation Earth Day Scholarship Recipient

  • Ethan Wilk is a Junior from BASIS Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since middle school, Ethan has had a fascination for both environmental sustainability and advanced technology. In high school, having volunteered for local organizations around his community for years, he realized a unique technological application that could solve a plethora of problems for the community: the fusion between blockchain and marine sustainability research. Inspired to get to work, Ethan contacted professors at universities around his state and engineered a fingertip-sized computer chip that could accurately and efficiently relay vital information about the fish in his lakes from miles away. With these chips, Ethan registered the 501(c)(3) organization The Xenia Project , which has garnered over 500 volunteers from his community to help him conduct his work, 37 of which have come from his own high school. As of recent, Ethan has partnered his nonprofit with the World Wildlife Fund, hoping to expand to the international hub of biodiversity: Australia.


Vennela Gosukonda: NSHSS Foundation Earth Day Recipient 

  • Vennela Gosukonda plans to study Business Administration with a concentration in finance. While pursuing her education, Vennela wants to be an active part of the student body on campus, raising awareness about climate change and educating those around her about how even the smallest lifestyle changes can have great impact on our natural world.

Learn more about our outstanding scholarship winners and their efforts to preserve our beautiful planet by clicking here. 

Shawna Rogers, NSHSS member since 2010

  • "I saw the plastics problem up-close-and-personal every day working retail, and I felt called to make a career change that aligned with my love and respect for our planet. In February 2018, I landed at the CCOF Foundation, a 501c(3) nonprofit that supports organic farmers and students across the United States. Every day, my team and I fundraise and plan events to raise awareness about the pivotal role agriculture plays in climate change, pollution, and human health. Organic farmers (and biodynamic, regenerative organic farmers) face monumental challenges in getting consumers to understand their methodologies."


NSHSS Partner Outward Bound Costa Rica, has a number of environmentally-focused blogs to check out! 

United Planet also has many blogs, resources, and opportunities for students wishing to make a positive environmental impact on the planet!

The Intern Group connects young, ambitious candidates to unique global internships designed to help them realize their potential prepare them for the professional world. 

Can You Hear Us? 

The Can You Hear Us? campaign was launched surrounding Hulu’s Original Documentary I Am Greta and focuses on local and community-led climate action efforts that are intersectional, intergenerational, and accessible. The campaign aims to inspire collaborative and intergenerational climate action, highlight the incredible individuals and organizations who are working to save the planet, and provide guidance and resources to encourage participation on a larger scale.  

Check out the following resources from the CYHU campaign below: 

Dive into their Educators Toolkit, which was created to help introduce climate literacy in the classroom & provide direct actions for educators and students. 

Join EARTHDAY.ORG for the 51st annual Earth Day, and their second annual Global Digital Mobilization. 

Earth Day’s 2021 theme, Restore Our Earth, focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. The NSHSS community is invited to join EARTHDAY.ORG on April 22nd, and every other day of the year, for live events, education toolkits, and civic action opportunities. By engaging in these topics, we will prepare you to be active and engaged citizens of a rapidly changing world. 

EARTHDAY.ORG offers a suite of environmental and civic education resources in their Education Resource Library. These resources provide educators and students with the tools they need to dig into the critical environmental issues our world faces and build the skills needed for students to be positive change agents in their communities. Developing this foundation in the next generation is the key to ensuring that the future is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous for everyone. Sign up as an Earth Day School to access new resource announcements, stories from educators all over the world, and exciting new tools from EARTHDAY.ORG partners. 

More resources from EARTHDAY.ORG: 


The Climate Museum 

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing humanity, and young people all over the world have stepped up to demand action on climate for a better future. The Climate Museum’s mission is to inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions. NSHSS recognizes how pivotal confronting the climate crisis is to world betterment, and has partnered with The Climate Museum to offer education and advocacy tools for students in this Climate Action Toolkit: 

  • Climate Art for Congress: Be a climate advocate! Make your voice heard and communicate with elected representatives on climate change through your art and letters. 
  • Climate Ambassador Card: 66% of Americans are worried but inactive about climate change. Experts agree that talking about climate issues is an important action toward a climate-safe future. This is a printable pocket-sized card to help you start climate conversations in your community. 
  • The Climate Museum hosts free online panels and conversations about climate change and inequality at Second Fridays, which features our monthly discussion series, "Talking Climate." This is a great opportunity to learn more about how climate change impacts every area of society so you can learn about intersectional issues and be prepared to take informed action. The next second Fridays event, "Talking Climate: Identity" will take place on April 9 at 1pm EST; previous installments that address displacement, grief, and infrastructure can also be found on The Climate Museum's YouTube channel. 

(image by Sari Goodfriend)

These Sustainability Initiatives Earned a $10,000 Grant

These NSHSS students and an NSHSS educator earned a $10,000 grant from our Be More Fund their creative solutions to the environmental issues in their communities and the globe.

See all the Be More Fund winners and their inspiring presentations here

Tell Us Something Good...Earth!

Be sure to tell NSHSS about your climate action and sustainability efforts and initiatives you are doing for the good of the Earth so we can share with others. For example, how are you bringing awareness for environmental issues and solutions in your own community? We want to hear from you! Fill out this form and you may be included on this page, in the next NSHSS News & Press Blog, Scholar's Journal or social media.  

“In the grand scheme of life, the good earth is our most cherished prize. I like to greet people by saying, ‘Good Earth!’ Say it now. Out loud! GOOD EARTH! It feels good. Those positive feelings (caused by endorphins) can help you do great things.” –Claes Nobel, NSHSS Co-founder