Is it Worth it to Join NSHSS?

Monday, January 08, 2024

NSHSS membership has many benefits, and many high school students qualify. Whether you are invited to join as a member or apply for an NSHSS membership, the cost is just $90 for a lifetime of benefits. Because NSHSS only provides specific resources for members, the benefits of joining NSHSS may not be immediately clear. 

Here are the top benefits of NSHSS membership, ranging from the time you join through college and beyond.


Immediate benefits of joining NSHSS

NSHSS Scholarship winners

NSHSS membership is generally by invitation, but you can apply for membership if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can apply for a membership even if your school does not already have a representative. The NSHSS Ambassadors leadership program provides mentorship opportunities as both mentor and mentee.

Immediately after joining, you’ll first notice a wealth of helpful emails. You can adjust your email preferences anytime, accepting only those that interest you or apply to your circumstances. However, the vast majority of these emails are helpful to all high school students and their parents. They contain updates about events, webinars, NSHSS scholarships, NSHSS partners, and other NSHSS scholarship and grant resources and opportunities.

It is highly recommended that new members take advantage of our recorded webinars to understand better NSHSS and what a lifetime membership has to offer. The Global Voices webinars include member experiences and insider perspectives on NSHSS membership benefits. New and prospective members can also learn from student forums on in-person vs virtual learning, the importance of volunteering, and the challenges of balancing academics with various extracurricular activities. 

Finally, the page for scholarship tips and advice from NSHSS experts offers partnering scholarship programs and databases and scholarships sponsored by NSHSS. 


Benefits of NSHSS membership in high school

NSHSS is dedicated to helping high school students excel, prepare for college, and lead successful academic careers. Because of this, the vast majority of benefits of NSHSS membership are for high school students and the faculty that support them.

The newest benefit of NSHSS membership is the Intern Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP). The student demand for on-site learning experiences and employer demand for inexpensive labor are met through high school internships. The IRCP prepares students for what they might expect to find in future internships, making companies more likely to hire high school interns. 

NSHSS offers networking opportunities to find these internships and create connections with benefits beyond college. Mentorships and other academic support are also available to those exceptional high school scholars looking to broaden their horizons on their way to college. 

The most significant benefit of membership is the NSHSS events and webinars. Common webinar topics include college test prep, insider perspectives on college admissions and campus life, career panelists for specific areas of study or organizations of interest, and information on paying for college. New webinars are always being scheduled so members can continue learning how to advance their careers best.

NSHSS members also enjoy perks from partners, including discounts and specific programs for NSHSS members. These partnerships include tutoring and test prep, college funding resources, high school internship opportunities and support, and opportunities for community service and additional learning through unique experiences. 


Benefits of NSHSS going into college

Even though NSHSS was founded to support high school students, the benefits of NSHSS membership go far beyond high school. Going into college, the NSHSS Collegiate Council offers support to NSHSS incoming freshmen. The leadership programs also allow college students to mentor high school students and further the goals of NSHSS. You will also get continuing support and resources to pay for your later years of college.

The best benefit for matriculating freshmen is the unique NSHSS-led tours of prominent universities nationwide. These tours give you a different look at what these universities have to offer. They also provide unique opportunities to make a good first impression on college admissions officers and network with students and faculty to increase the chances of admission.


Benefits of NSHSS throughout your career

NSHSS lifetime membership doesn’t end when you go to college. The networks and connections you made during your time with NSHSS give you a competitive edge in your career, whatever your industry. The NSHSS Career Center provides employment opportunities at every level, including jobs to help pay for college. The career center also offers many additional benefits, such as a free resume review. 


Should I join NSHSS?

Joining NSHSS requires certain eligibility criteria, but high school students only need to meet one of these criteria to become a member. Most high school students becoming NSHSS members in their freshman year do so based on GPA, which must be at least 3.5 on a 4-point scale. If you qualify for membership, the benefits are well worth the small one-time $90 fee. Check out what other students and NSHSS alumni are saying about NSHSS memberships.