What NSHSS Scholarships Can Do For You

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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What NSHSS Scholarships Can Do For You

Scholarships and grants are an essential aspect of college preparation and the best way to avoid student debt. NSHSS scholarships can be very important to students and parents as they navigate the college funding process.  NSHSS membership is not required for most scholarship and grant programs. 

Here are some of the NSHSS scholarship benefits and programs available to high school students and college students who are lifetime members of the National Society of High School Scholars.

NSHSS Scholarships remove societal obstacles to higher education.

NSHSS recognizes that many segments of society face obstacles in higher education. Low-income students often feel pressured to start full-time work before or immediately after high school graduation, making college attendance more difficult. 

The NSHSS Community College or Trade School Scholarship is designed for those high school students who want a solid career without an expensive and lengthy college education.  Students who need flexible class scheduling or to be employable quickly may find a community college or trade school is the perfect option. 

First-generation college students also face obstacles to degree completion. According to data from the Department of Education, about 27% of first-generation college students complete a degree within four years. NSHSS strives to provide opportunities for all underrepresented groups.

The NSHSS First Generation Scholarship is one example of how we support these incoming freshmen. NSHSS members have other opportunities for diversity- and equality-based scholarships and grants, but these vary by year.

NSHSS scholarships give evidence of community involvement.

Today’s employers and college admissions officers expect students to be involved in their community.   NSHSS offers several scholarship programs for high school students striving for the betterment of society through specific efforts.

These merit-based scholarships require recommendation letters and personal statements and often attract hundreds of applicants. Winning one of these NSHSS scholarships can lessen the financial burden of higher education.

NSHSS scholarships show your commitment to one area of study or career path.

NSHSS Scholarship Winner

NSHSS Foundation scholarships are given to high school students who display accomplishments and potential in a particular area of study that is currently in demand. Recurring NSHSS Foundation scholarships include the Business and Public Policy scholarship and the STEAM scholarship. Other NSHSS scholarships include the Creative Writing Scholarship and the Innovation in Technology Scholarship.