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NSHSS affiliate Knoyo is the first virtual tutoring platform of its kindbuilt for students, by students—that connects younger students with outstanding college student tutors at world-class universities.


In unprecedented times, we could all use a boost.

COVID-19 has brought to light numerous flaws in the systems we rely on, namely education. With the abrupt switch to online learning in the spring of 2020 and uncertain times in how students will learn moving forward, we realize some supplementary learning might be necessary. Knoyo was created with these needs specifically in mind, and we’re here to help however we can.

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Knoyo is a place where students can ask questions about their schoolwork and beyond. From homework and standardized tests, to college applications and general subject help, Knoyo aims to help students raise their GPA while finding support in their academic life. The Knoyo platform reinforces a strong sense of community among the NSHSS network, connecting elementary, middle, and high schoolers with exceptional college students passionate in a particular subject. What's more, Knoyo offers income opportunities to the college students who provide tutoring*

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Why Knoyo?

Knoyo was founded to give you easy access to a pressure-free environment to learn, find community, and achieve your dreams. Our goal is to create a space where students of all kinds feel welcome and at ease. It’s a place where you can come to ask questions about your homework, what the college experience might look like, or how to prepare for major tests and exams. We hope to help you grow your skills and expand your network with confidence. We’re all used to having meals, rides, and supplies delivered on-demand. Now you can order up the academic help you need and want, exactly when you need it most.

NSHSS is proud to be affiliated with Knoyo! Click below to get started.

 *Only students currently enrolled in college and with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to become tutors.





“I don't use the term much, but for parents whose children need a tutor, this may be a game changer.”

-School Solutions of Chattanooga