Trusted by thousands of families, AcceptU is the #1 rated college admissions consulting group.

Our team of former college admissions officers provides 1-on-1 guidance and support that enables students to realize their full potential.

Whether planning ahead in grades 9 and 10 or navigating the admissions process in grades 11 and 12, AcceptU will help you achieve success.

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We consistently achieve outstanding
results — and have the data to back it up

More than 91% of our students are admitted to one, or more, of their top three choices

Our students are 4x more likely to be admitted to highly selective universities

Since 2010, 98% of AcceptU clients have been accepted to a top 50 college

Knowledgeable, supportive admissions experts committed to your success

Adam (Johns Hopkins)

Adam has a BA in political science from Gettysburg College. He also has an MA from Johns Hopkins University.

Adam has a BA in political science from Gettysburg College. He also has an MA from Johns Hopkins University.

Adam was previously an assistant director of admissions at both Johns Hopkins and Washington & Jefferson College. He also has extensive experience in college counseling at three independent schools in the U.S. and Europe.

Alexandra (UPenn)

Alex graduated from Syracuse University with a double major in psychology and child & family studies. Alex worked in admissions at the University of Pennsylvania as a regional director; in addition, she has worked as an associate director of college counseling at an independent school in California.

Leslie (USC)

Leslie has a BA in theater from the University of Southern California and an MA in higher education from Boston College.

Leslie worked in the admissions offices at both USC and Babson College for four years; in addition, she served as a college counselor at two independent high schools for more than a decade.

Jessica (Vanderbilt)

Jessica has a BA in sociology from Simpson, an M.Ed., and an Ed.D. in higher education administration from Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining AcceptU, Jessica was an assistant director of admissions at Vanderbilt and the director of college counseling at an independent school in the South.

Tim (BU)

Tim received a BA from George Washington University and an M.Ed. from Boston University. He has worked in admissions at GWU, BU, and University of California Los Angeles.

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Innovative college counseling programs proven
to deliver positive outcomes

AcceptU's college counseling programs are all-inclusive, meaning we'll provide as much support as you and your child need to achieve success.

With a highly structured, data-driven, holistic curriculum, our programs draw on years of past experience to deliver consistent results.

AcceptU's counselors have all reviewed, evaluated and made decisions on candidates - they know what it takes to get in today.

Your counselor collaborates with 25+ other AcceptU former admissions officers, ensuring you always receive the most qualified expertise.

AcceptU's online client portal keeps families organized and on track, facilitating communication and ensuring a smooth, stress-free process.

We have been entrusted by thousands of families to guide them in the college process - and are so proud of what they have achieved with our help.

Don't take it just from us - our past clients speak for themselves

Our students are 4x more likely to be admitted to highly selective schools

I don't think my son would have been prepared if he didn't have the guidance of his counselor.

The AcceptU counselors and staff were able to adapt as our needs changed and our son matured.

AcceptU let me tell my own story in my own way and gave me an outside perspective.

I was so happy that someone else was keeping track of the essays and the sequence - that was huge.

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