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At 3M, 91,000 employees do work that matters, applying science in ways that make a positive impact on people’s lives. At 3M, you’ll be part of a global company known for its uncompromising integrity. You’ll work within a giant melting pot of smart, motivated people who are rewarded for their commitment to doing challenging work that pushes them to learn and grow. At 3M, your opportunities are endless.


With offices in more than 70 countries, 3M employees are part of a large network of the world’s best minds. But collective intellect is only part of success. At 3M, diversity is essential to innovation. From student interns to plant workers and corporate leaders, 3M seeks and values differences in people, which drive the company forward and keep it relevant. 3M provides the freedom to explore and encourage curiosity and creativity. They gain new insight from diverse thinking and take risks on new ideas.


3M Employee

“I think 3M is a great place for women in STEM to work. With everyone that I’ve gotten to work with, I feel like I’m part of the team, I’m part of the company, and I make a difference.” Sangeetha Mylvaganam, Advanced Project Engineer

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“Being able to try out different jobs while having the stability of staying at one company is great. 3M has a good balance of that.” Maria Damiani, Advanced Manufacturing Software Engineer

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“We’re all science nerds who get to geek out every day at work.” Jennifer Schumacher, Advanced Research Specialist 


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