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American Airlines

American Airlines

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American Airlines | Cadet Academy

The American Airlines Cadet Academy is an integrated flight training program that provides a clearly defined path to becoming a professional pilot. The goal of the program is to make flight training cost effective, efficient, and more accessible. Cadet Academy will ultimately give passionate and qualified candidates the tools and financial resources they need to become an airline pilot.

Cadet Academy is designed to be turn-key, meaning all the variables such as ground school, flight certificates and ratings, and all required materials are covered by your tuition. You will not have any additional expenses beyond those you choose to incur. Because the professional pilot career can be tough to navigate, American Airlines will give each participant a mentor who currently flies for American Airlines to help ensure your success in the program. Finally, because pilot training is expensive, American Airlines worked with an experienced financial lender, Discover® Student Loans, to create a custom career loan designed to fund your training in its entirety. You will be responsible to repay the principal balance and interest of the loan.

For more information, please visit the American Airlines website here.

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