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Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute

Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute

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Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute (LdM) prides itself on offering academic and professionally-oriented courses designed to complement a variety of study abroad programs as well as enrich students’ knowledge, education, and skills. Students can choose from 500 different courses in 38 subject areas, which are taught in English at LdM’s three locations: Florence, Rome, and Tuscania. Courses fall under six main academic divisions: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Sciences, Agriculture, Creative Arts, Design, and Italian Language and Culture.

Life at LdM Florence
At LdM Florence students can live in shared apartments near LdM’s main campus building – and soak in the vibrant San Lorenzo neighborhood – or in one of the city’s five districts, getting to experience everyday life from a local and genuine perspective. With its world-famous artistic heritage, Florence offers the study abroad student a myriad of cultural events throughout the year. Students will revel in the city’s centuries-old culinary tradition, known worldwide for its exceptional local specialties and gelato parlors. What’s more, Florence’s thriving economic heart focuses largely on the exciting worlds of fashion, design, luxury goods, banking, and tourism.

Life at LdM Rome
Located in the bustling center of the historic city, LdM Rome is fully immersed in the ancient Roman culture. It offers a small “green campus” that actively promotes respect for cultural diversity and the environment according to a specific green policy. This is an important feature of the study abroad experience that LdM Rome puts into practice every day, sharing it with all students: recycling, using recycled paper, saving energy, and organizing different activities such as excursions to the Abruzzo National Park, the largest European park, and the Slow Down! Day, an opportunity to get back to a more natural rhythm of life.

At LdM Rome, every student also benefits from an extensive orientation session aimed at giving essential information about academic needs and expectations, housing, culture and community, and Italian law. Orientation sessions usually include practical walking tours.

Life at LdM Tuscania
The LdM program in Tuscania is based on a full immersion concept that differs in emphasis from the Florence and Rome campuses. Because of the size of the town, its geographic location, and its pace, Tuscania is the perfect setting for friendly and frequent interaction with local Italians. Integration into the community is fundamental to the program and, in particular, to the Italian language courses, encouraging students to create real relationships in a cultural context and language that is different from their own.

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester: June 15th
Spring Semester: November 15th
January Intersession: December 1st
Summer Session I (June): April 15th
Summer Session II (July): May 15th
Academic Year / One-year Certificates / One-year Professional/Advanced Certificates: June 15th