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Make School

Make School

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Join the Computer Science College for the 21st Century

  • 2-year accelerated computer science college in San Francisco
  • Project-based learning (students learn computer science by building real-world software projects)
  • Accessible tuition plans (students pay no tuition until employed)
  • Alumni earn $95k average starting salary at companies including Google, Apple, and Facebook

Make School Campus

Make School is redesigning higher education for the 21st century. Our emphasis is on ensuring relevance of education for the modern economy and accessibility to students of all backgrounds.

Students earn a Bachelor's in Applied Computer Science while studying liberal arts, computer science theory, and product development. Our outcomes are on par with schools like Stanford and MIT with alumni working at companies including Facebook, Google, Apple, and Y Combinator startups.

Students can graduate in 2 years and pay tuition through Income Share Agreements as a percentage of their salary once employed. We also provide low income students with living assistance to help cover their living expenses. 45% of our students are underrepresented students of color, while 66% are from low-mid income families.


Course and College Summary:

  • Student earn a Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science in 2 years while studying liberal arts, computer science theory, and product development
  • Courses include Web Backend Development, Web Frontend Development, Mobile Development, and Data Science 
  • Student-to-instructor ration is 13 to 1
  • Corporate partners include Faceook, Lyft, and LinkedIn



Since 2014, the majority of Make School students have financed their tuition with Make School's Income Share Agreement (ISA). Instead of paying tuition up front, students taking an ISA commit to paying a percentage of their income for a certain number of years after graduating (see table below.) With ISA financing, graduates only pay when they have a job making more than $60,000/year.


Admissions and Transfer Info

At Make School, the admissions process is more of a coaching opportunity, not just a method through which to judge the skills and experiences of applicants. Make School's mission is to ensure that every student gains the abilities needed to succeed in reaching their goals and aspirations in life - and this mission starts during the admissions process.


Make School does not charge an application fee. 



"Working for a company like Facebook was exactly the goal that I had in mind when I started Make School. The skills and knowledge that I gained made transitioning into my job with Facebook incredibly easy - it's such a fun, collaborative work environment."

- Nick Swift

Make School Class of 2017

Works at Facebook 


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