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NSHSS handpicks its partners carefully, searching for nonprofits, organizations, and companies that directly align with our mission to provide the best resources for our members and their families. This page contains affiliate links to partner programs. We may receive compensation for purchases made through these links, at no cost to you.


myKlovr is an online college and career counseling app that provides personalized advice, resources – and motivation – to students throughout their high school career. Starting as early as the 9th grade, myKlovr is a 24/7 coach, guidance counselor, and resource library, all in one. Leveraging extensive college and career datasets, myKlovr formulates personalized recommendations designed to increase college admissions & career opportunities.


what is myklovr student success


Ninth and tenth-grade students benefit especially from myKlovr, because it allows them a longer time to receive help with grades, standardized test results, course selection, and developing deep involvement in the extracurricular activities they’ll need to stand out to better colleges. myKlovr offers:

  • Personalized advice to improve college admissions chances
  • College finder to explore and evaluate colleges to find a “best-fit” university
  • Helpful assessment tools to explore non-college careers and training plus college majors
  • Vital information on affording college and making sense of financing options

All students can access myKlovr as often as they want. They should update their grades every semester, and can use myKlovr to mark off their progress against the step-by-step plans given to them to achieve their improvement goals. As a student’s situation evolves, so will the advice myKlovr offers. Students and parents can also take advantage of a steady stream of blog posts and articles designed to help students and their families prepare for college applications and college enrollment.




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