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National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

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The National University of Singapore is a leading global university centered in Asia, influencing the future.

“The campus is constantly bustling with activity. With a wide variety of co-curricular groups organised on both university and faculty levels, almost-daily tea sessions with famous speakers, many enriching student leadership opportunities, and enthusiasm-packed freshmen orientation camps going on every summer, it is probably fitting that NUS is the oldest institution of the ‘city that never sleeps’.”

-Talia Seet, Arts & Social Sciences, NUS 2016

The National University of Singapore is known for its academic rigor and its global and experiential learning opportunities. With its distinct global-Asian approach, the university is widely recognized as a center for innovation in education, the top university in Asia (QS World University Rankings 2015/16), and one of the leading universities in the world.

With 17 Faculties and Schools and 2,000 modules each semester, students have the freedom to choose from a diverse selection of classes to create their own schedule each semester. Classes strike a good balance between instruction and participation. Not only do students learn a substantial amount of content, but they also seek to apply what they learn to a real life setting outside the classroom. Find out more about our University Town Residential Program!

NUS offers a wide selection of undergraduate courses, including: Accounting, Architecture, Arts and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Computing, Computer Science, Information Security, Information Systems, Dentistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Industrial Design, Law, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Project and Facilities Management, Public Policy, Real Estate, and Science.

Beyond the Classroom
We offer a broad spectrum of learning opportunities beyond the traditional single-degree, including double and concurrent degree (bachelor-master) courses designed to allow students to delve into multiple knowledge domains in tandem. Many of these unique programs are made possible through collaborations with top overseas universities.

In addition, the NUS Overseas Colleges program immerses students in an entrepreneurial environment in one of our overseas colleges in US, China, Sweden, or Israel. Students experience working at the cutting edge of their field while simultaneously furthering their academic enrichment. Special programs offered by the university include the University Scholars Program for high achievers and the international exchange programs. The international exchange programs allow students to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, learn a new language, overcome challenges, and make new friends, while earning credits towards their NUS degree.

A Multicultural Community
NUS seeks to enhance campus life through the promotion of a metropolitan and multi-cultural campus. NUS welcomes more than 1,500 exchange students to its campus each year. Several events such as the Welcome Party, Mid-Semester BBQ, Travel Clinic, Exchange Fair, and Dragon Boating are organized annually to encourage international students to learn and experience the world together. The NUS International Relations Office has more details about these extracurricular programs.

Singapore offers international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a multi-cultural environment – an experience they will find beneficial when looking for work in today's globally oriented business environment. Join us and become a part of Asia’s leading global university as we influence the future together!

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