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About OZY Media

OZY is a global media company created to engage the intellectually curious. Founded by former CNN and MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson and Laurene Powell Jobs, OZY’s focus is “the new and the next”: we uncover rising stars, new trends, provocative ideas, and delicious recommendations 6-12 months before they would otherwise appear in mainstream outlets. Five years in, OZY now keeps a global audience of over 50M ahead of the curve through interactive events (OZY Fest), prime TV shows (Amazon, PBS, BBC, OWN) podcasts (The Thread), and digital ( In addition, we have award-winning, open-sourced curricula that is free to use, and designed to foster critical thinking among students at all levels of education.

About OZY Fest

OZY Fest is an interactive festival created to satiate the intellectually curious. Featuring two full days of live music, interactive art, and stimulating conversation, OZY Fest is your chance to get up close and personal with headliner musicians, stand-up comedians, thought leaders, presidential candidates, billionaire business leaders and celebrity chefs. Pitch an idea to Mark Cuban. Ask Malcolm Gladwell anything. Sing along with John Legend. Unlike other festivals, at OZY Fest you are part of the conversation.

The New York Times called it "part music festival, part TED talk, part food fair," CNBC called it "New York's answer to SXSW" and Thrillist dubbed it “The only summer festival you need to attend.”

In 2019, featured headliners include Trevor Noah, John Legend, Rachael Ray, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Cuban, Spike Lee, Jameela Jamil, Padma Lakshmi, and many more.