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Vesalius College Brussels

Vesalius College Brussels

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International Classrooms with Access to the World

Vesalius College Brussels (also known as VeCo) is a US-style Liberal Arts College with a strong commitment to innovative teaching as well as conceptual and policy-oriented research in the areas of Business, Communication, International Affairs and International & European Law. All of the lectures are taught in English by leading professors from across the globe and each professor provides a personal approach to the student’s learning experience, including in-depth academic and professional mentoring. As such, the College attracts students from all over the world (over 350 students of more than 60 nationalities).

The College promotes “Theory-Guided, Practice-Embedded, and Experiential Learning (TPEL)”. Students not only learn the theories but also how they are applied in real life by bringing Brussels-based executives, leaders, lawyers, journalists, policymakers, and other senior professionals into the classrooms. In addition, VeCo organizes several evening lectures with experts in various fields.  Both VeCo students and study abroad students can benefit from these special lectures with the TPEL concept.

The Vesalius Internships Program is another popular program available to students. Students can undertake an internship of 150 hours per semester, which is arranged by the internship and career office with a range of excellent partners, from international organizations such as EU and NATO, to embassies and world-leading companies. Students learn and enjoy hands-on experiences in a very vibrant environment as part of their curriculum.

Through the College’s Study Abroad Program, students also benefit from additional overseas experiences by spending a semester or two in Asia, Oceania, North America, or in other European countries.

The European Peace and Security Studies Program (EPSS) features four interrelated courses offered by Vesalius College and its partners, including the Royal Military Academy, Global Governance Institute, and the Institute of European Studies during the fall semester. The courses are taught by prominent specialists in the field of civilian and military security issues, in both theory and practice. Students are also required to attend the Guest Lecture Series. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate in European Peace & Security Studies.

Students at the Vesalius College will have access to all of the facilities at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, including libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, and sports facilities.

Vesalius College processes applications on a rolling basis. However, students with an excellent academic background should apply by April 15 to be considered for the Academic Excellence Scholarships, which provide up to 50% reduction of tuition.