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Claes Nobel Top 10 Educators of 2013: Camilla Walck


Monday, August 04, 2014

Claes Nobel Top 10 Educators of 2013: Camilla Walck

Claes Nobel Educators of the Year

NSHSS is pleased to highlight our 2013 Claes Nobel Educators of the Year, presented to ten exemplary educators who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to preparing students for success in college and in life. These ten educators are among NSHSS’s student-nominated Claes Nobel Educators of Distinction program that recognizes educators who model best practices in teaching, are a positive influence for students and peers, and who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in education, as well as community engagement. Since the inception of the Educators of Distinction program in 2004, NSHSS has recognized more than 38,000 educators worldwide. 

Dr. Camilla Walck
IB Biology teacher
Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Walck serves as an IB instructor and the department chair at Princess Anne High School. She is also an adjunct professor at Tidewater Community College. Dr. Walck has served as an evaluator for the International Baccalaureate Organization Biology Exams, and she has been contracted to write an IB Biology review book. Continuously emphasizing the importance of new developments in pedagogical methods, Dr. Walck has taken graduate-level courses such as Molecular Biology for the purpose of fulfilling her personal interests and gaining insight on various styles of educational instruction. Dr. Walck not only leisurely takes courses from Old Dominion University, but she also attended ODU for her Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Science degree, and her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Biology.

Dr. Walck believes that “the best teachers are those who not only deliver dynamic lessons, but those that can foster a lifelong love of learning in their students.” Every Halloween, she teaches and interacts with students dressed as Albert Einstein making sure to stay in character at all times. Dr. Walck informs her students of the contributions Einstein made in the field of science, and thus, the way of life today. Serving as a testament to the notion of continual learning, she continues her education despite the acquisition of her doctoral degree. Dr. Walck has had an influence on her students’ personal and upcoming professional lives as they often devote their collegiate studies to scientific fields. She believes that her profession’s best teachers take every opportunity to nurture the love of teaching in others.

A recipient of the Teacher of the Year award, a Citywide Finalist Teacher of the Year, and a thirteen-year Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, Dr. Walck has a plethora of accolades further exemplifying her whole-hearted dedication to education and achievement. Dr. Walck’s nominating student’s description of the learning experience Dr. Walck provides is perhaps most exemplary as the student explains, “Dr. Walck is really enthusiastic, and always finds a way to make learning Biology very fun. When she explains the material, Dr. Walck makes it very easy to understand, which is really important for my classmates and myself, for we have a lot of information to memorize for the IB Higher Level exam. And when a student needs help, she always makes time for him/her.”